Travelling with kids brings out a cocktail of emotions on parents. On one hand, it is exciting and satisfying because being away with family is always a good thing. On the other, it is a little scary and your stress buttons will be pressed harder than usual particularly if your destination is out of the country. Koh Samui is now a leading family destination and if you are planning to go here with your whole pack, here are tips to make your stay fun, safe, and exciting.

Go cotton.

Natural fabrics are the best choice for Koh Samui wear. It’s an island. It can be hot and humid so synthetic fabrics will make anyone feel sticky and uncomfortable. Pack cotton shirts, pants, and shorts for your kids. Summer dresses made from linen are great choices for girls. The key is to stick to breathable materials that absorb sweat and helps air circulation.

Always have a first aid kit.

Have a small pouch that contains bantam strips, iodine solution, itch balm, and your children’s medications if any. Make sure to bring something for travel sickness and tummy aches as it could be challenging to go on a pharmacy run in a non-English speaking country.

Give the tots plenty of water.

Playing on the beach and the sunny weather will make kids sweat. Keep them hydrated by giving them plenty of water and fluids. Let them try fresh coconut juice from the shell. It’s a popular island beverage, is natural, and contains many nutrients.

Let them have tropical shakes instead of sodas.

Start a healthy habit on your Koh Samui holiday by having a soda ban. If your kids want a sweet cold drink, encourage them to try a mango shake or a watermelon smoothie. These are healthy and have less sugar than soda drinks. They are more refreshing too.

Keep mosquitoes away.

The tropics are a home to many species including mosquitoes. Wearing an anti-mosquito lotion or a repellent patch should keep them away.

Protect their skin from the sun.

Sunshine is good but a little too much can cause painful sunburn. Avoid this by slathering enough sunblock on exposed skin. Reapply after swimming and every 4 hours or as needed. Also, take the kids indoors from 11 to 3 pm. This is when the sun’s UV rays are most harmful.

Say no to the jellyfish sting.

The beach is also a habitat for jellyfish that stings so bad. Keep them away with an anti-sting cream or lotion.

Put their comfort first.

Don’t skimp too much on accommodation on the expense of comfort. You will have a less stressful stay if your kids get their afternoon naps and have a good night sleep. Make sure they have plenty of space and that the sleeping areas have air conditioning units that are working properly.

Yes to waterproof footwear.

A no-slip footwear that requires no socks and you can wipe off clean is ideal for kids. Remember, they will go to the temples where they will need to remove their shoes. They will also be walking and running a lot. Sand can also get in their shoes so you need something that is easy to clean and of course is comfortable. Lightweight footwear like Crocs is recommended.

Take them to a cooking class.

Kids are naturally curious and will have a great time joining or watching you at a Thai cooking class. Interest in cooking starts early in life. Let them take lessons with you. They will have a wonderful time there and even acquire some basic cooking skills while on vacation.

Bring something familiar.

If you are staying for a while in Koh Samui, your little ones might get homesick. Bring something that will remind them of home. It can be their favorite toy or their bedtime storybook.

Carry a pack of wet tissues.

Wet wipes are your best friends when traveling with kids. They are easy to use, convenient to carry and handle all your cleaning issues from dirty hands to minor stains, and even sand in between your toes.

Expose them to local customs and religion.

Koh Samui is colorful culture-wise. Open your kids’ eyes to local customs and traditions by taking them to notable religious and cultural landmarks like the Big Buddha Temple, the temple of the Mummified Monk, and the Golden Pagoda at Chaweng. Visiting the street markets is a good idea too since locals frequent these places. Your children can have a chance to observe the way Thai people live and broaden their scope of humanity.

Play at the beach together.

The beach could be the focal point of your stay in Koh Samui. The island has beautiful beaches, with postcard-worthy scenery, clear waters, and soft sand. You can build sandcastles together, play chase along the shoreline, and have picnics there too. You need not do anything big, just enjoy each other’s company and have fun under the sun.

Turn on the AC unit at night.

The tropical heat may be too much to bear for your tots so you can help them sleep better by turning on the air conditioning unit especially at night. Most hotels and villa rentals have this anyway. Just make sure the ones installed in your unit are working.

Always keep them in your line of vision.

You don’t have to be an overprotective parent while traveling. Let them explore their surroundings but make sure your eyes never leave them especially out in the sea.

Teach your kids the basic social etiquettes to observe in Samui.

Before your scheduled flight, remind them that they need to take their shoes off when visiting temples and to not disturb monks during worship. It will also help if you let them know what to expect when you get to the island—what the food is like, what the weather is like, what the people are like, so they won’t be overwhelmed by seeing everything new and different.

Check out local snacks.

If the munchies attack, go to the supermarket and explore local snacks together. Try durian chips, Thai noodles, local candies, and seaweed chips. Hone their taste buds to appreciate exotic flavors. Your kids could be budding foodies and this little trip to the local groceries might be the start of their journey to food discovery.