The many stunning beaches of Koh Samui allow guests to have exciting activities involving the water. While swimming and sunbathing never get old when you think of tropical vacations, there are individuals that seek more dynamic, challenging, and exhilarating stuff to do at the beach. If you happen to be one of them, check out this list of major Koh Samui water sports that you can enjoy while here.

Jet Ski Safari

One of the coolest watersports in Koh Samui that has always been popular is jet ski. Guests love it because it gives them freedom and at the same time provides them the most amazing water experience without being too extreme. Jet skis travel at high speed and are means to get to some of the island’s hard to reach spots. Jet ski safaris are one of the best ways to see the best hidden attractions of Koh Samui. By riding a jet ski, you can visit deserted beach spots that even big boats can’t get to.

You can book for a half day tour of Koh Samui and the surrounding islands. Local jet ski companies have amazing tour packages that include hotel pick up, jet ski rental, souvenir shirts, snacks, and even insurance. If you don’t care for the usual tourist attractions and you are all for the offbeat paths and rare private sanctuaries, jet ski will be incredibly satisfying. Jet ski safaris are perfect for couples on their honeymoon as 2 people can ride the vehicle together. Of course you can opt for individual jet skis for more freedom and comfort if you choose to. This activity requires no experience and there are plenty of companies in Samui that offer lessons and rentals.


A relatively new water sport that is gaining so much attention is flyboard. This was created in 2011 and is a well loved water activity by both amateurs and experienced riders. Flyboard is made possible by a jet pack that provides the power to propel you up in the air as well as glide through the water and dive under. The equipment used for flyboard resembles a hoverboard and something akin to rollerblades (without the wheels) meshed together. This jet pack device that you wear on your feet has a tubing that is connected to a jet ski. The whole mechanism allows you to make a wide variety of movements. You can be propelled straight like a rocket, you can dive under like a dolphin, and spring back from the water like a sea god or something. You can also mimic surfing moves while suspended on air. The kind of movements you can make will vary on your position so this could really work every major muscle on your body.

Experts say that it only takes less than 10 minutes to grasp the idea of flyboard. And this is for amateurs who have no experience in watersports whatsoever. For those who have tried surfing, parasailing, and kiteboarding before, the concept becomes a lot easier to understand.


Koh Samui has the kind of weather that is most suitable for kiteboarding or kitesurfing. The wind speeds on the island and the clear sky are much needed for this sport, which is why tourists visit the island to be able to try and enjoy this exciting sport.

Kitesurfing is another hybrid sport. It combines the principles of surfing, parasailing, and wakeboarding. It also has concepts rooted on gymnastics, making it intriguing for many.

Obviously the star is the kite from which your power will come from. The winds will power the kite, which in turn will dictate your movements. You have some sort of board on your feet that will make you move across the water surface and do tricks high up in the air.


Is it possible to play in the water without actually being wet? It is. Parasailing makes this possible. Also known as parakiting, this awesome sport allows you to be lifted up high in the air by a parasail wing. The wing resembles a giant balloon or a parachute. You can ride solo or as a tandem. Parasailing is a good way to destress. During the period you spend mid-air, you can have the most gorgeous view of Koh Samui that you can take in peacefully. Parasailing is addictive because of the rush you feel being high above the ground. Also the fact that you are at the mercy of the parachute and the canopy attached to you adds to the thrill factor. When you are done, you can land safely in a boat without a wet stitch on your clothing. Of course if you like to get wet, it’s totally up to you and you can just inform the instructor that it is okay. Just make sure you are wearing your swim wear. Koh Samui Watersports by James Jetstar provides parasailing lessons and equipment. You can book sessions with them if you are interested. They are located in Lamai.


Among the more mellow but no less fun Samui watersports is kayaking. This is the most classic and old school you’ll get in terms of island activities. This appeals to people of many walks of life because it is simple and flexible. It is also a fun way to be one with the elements without being too risky. While riding on a kayak you can explore many scenic spots in Koh Samui that are not often explored because they are not that accessible. It is also truly relaxing as you can paddle at your own pace and admire nature without hurry. Kayaking is a great way to burn calories too and stay in shape. Also, if you are looking for a romantic activity for your honeymoon, it can be that too.


Without the heavy and complicated equipment necessary for SCUBA diving, snorkelling have made its way to the top when it comes to Koh Samui water sports. Snorkelling attracts many tourists because Thailand is rich in marine life and has a diverse aquatic ecosystem that begs to be explored. The scenery offered by the beach and the tropical jungles are no doubt beautiful but life underwater is a stunner on its own. Snorkelling gives you the chance to be underwater and see for yourself the colorful world under the sea. Discover many species of fishes, get to know different kinds of corals and be amazed by the unique species that consider the water their home. See starfish, sea turtles, sea cucumbers, urchins, and so much more without effort.