Known as Koh Samui’s party central, Chaweng Beach is truly among the most talked about places on the island. Planning to have endless fun on your stay? Check out these venues.

ARKbar Beach Club

Part of the ARKbar Beach Resort, ARKbar Beach Club is one of Chaweng’s notable hangouts. This is a favorite of the young hip crowd and is a trendy spot to unwind, mingle with the other guests, and get beers after a long day. The atmosphere in this club is so alive with all the music and the traffic of people so if you are not really into beach parties and prefer a quieter environment, we suggest you go elsewhere. ARKbar serves delectable food and drinks and feature fire shows on a regular basis.

You can come here with friends, set your feet on the sand and not feel the clock tick by. Many of its patrons often come by for a nice drink and casual conversations. It’s no surprise that it is always fully packed since the ambience is great and there is an endless stream of music and a number of live performances. The prices are good and the menu has a lot to offer, making this beachfront club the IT place in Chaweng. Open from 7 to 2, we bet that this will be your favorite chill spot in Samui.

Coast Beach Club & Bistro

A chic club at the Chaweng Beach is Coast Beach Club & Bistro. The setting is impressive and the overall feel of the place is casual but done in good taste. This is a bit pricey compared to other clubs but the experience is sure worth it. The relaxed vibe makes it an ideal spot for a laid back day at the beach or perhaps a romantic meal with your beloved.

The interiors make you feel like you are in the Mediterranean from the color scheme to the decor. Wood dominates the interiors and the cozy hues of brown provides a stark contrast to the light colored walls and ceilings and warm hued table setting and furnishings. Al fresco dining is no less impressive as the beach is just right there in front of you. You can sit on one of the rattan lounge chairs or prop your feet up on one of the cushioned seats.

Apart from the visual appeal of Coast Beach Club & Bistro, you will also swoon as you take in their wide selection of bread, wine, and grilled dishes. Fans of sweets won’t get enough of the dessert buffet where everything looks mouthwatering and irresistible. The cured meats at the deli will make you forget your strict diet for a while. There’s salami, pancetta, and other tasty cold cuts. For cocktails and coolers, we highly recommend their lychee martini which is sweet and refreshing at the same time.

If a classy party vibe is what you prefer and you don’t care that much about the chaotic, all-over-the-place kind of fun, Coast Beach Club & Bistro is suitable for you. At night, this club/bistro becomes aglow with spotlights and fire shows. Because it is wholesome, it also is an ideal family place. Here kids can choose from a wide variety of comfort foods and be able to watch the happenings while playing on the sand.

Cha Cha Moon Beach Club

If you are not a hardcore drinker and you are itching to do something more than sit and listen to music, Cha Cha Moon Beach Club is the place for you. This has a dance floor and most people who come here love to get into the groove and move to the lively music.

The design of Cha Cha Moon is multi-level so you can choose to stay where you are seated or mingle with the others if you want to. This is not a venue for folks who like to chill quietly with a drink on hand. The crowd here is very cooperative and full of energy so everyone is bound to have an awesome night. The meals are priced just right and the techno beats never get old.

Indoor swimming while you party is a normal happening at Cha Cha Moon. The club has a swimming pool so be sure to always be ready and have your swimsuit on underneath.

Elephant Beach Club

Another venue for wholesome fun in Chaweng is the Elephant Beach Club. This has its share of loyal customers because of its great service, friendly party atmosphere, and idyllic setting. The beach is the star of course as you can gaze at the stretch of light blue water and feel the powdery sand in between your toes all throughout your stay.

The music is very urban—a harmony of hip hop and R&B. If you are a fan of smooth music and not really into disco type clubs, this venue is just right for you. The crowd is comprised of the younger set too so everything is hip and current.

People come to Elephant Beach Club mostly to unwind and enjoy high quality food and cocktails. While its offerings are quite expensive, everything tastes good and is presented elegantly.

The focal point is the swimming pool. During an event, all eyes are glued right at this spot where there is also a tall cage used for live events. If you want a cozier place far from the center of the happenings but still enjoy the merriment in the background, you can choose to lounge on one of the sunbeds lined up along the shoreline.

The Elephant Beach Club is safe and well controlled so you can hangout with ease whether you are with friends or family. The best part is that the beach is clean and still very raw in its beauty, at least within the vicinity. As for their cocktails, they are definitely rocking it. Try their Nuit d’Amour. It’s pink, refreshing, and exotic. Very novel. For appetizers, you may sample their salmon tartar. The Elephant Beach Club serves a sumptuous breakfast too so you can visit here early in the day, eat your morning meal, and head to the beach.