There is something really great about discovering an amazing dining place you’d love coming back to in a foreign country. This is the type of thing you would constantly think about when you get back home and would be the subject of many fantasies when you are bored or simply craving good food. A much talked about place in Koh Samui that is located off the beaten track in Choeng Mon is Mr. Eung’s Restaurant. This isn’t the fanciest place on the island or is the easiest to find but it does have its share of loyal customers. Apart from the delicious food, people also can’t stop talking about how friendly the owner is and how attentive the staffs are.

In a nutshell, Mr. Eung’s offers great value for your money. For 100-150 baht, you’ll have a great tasting dish. This price range is considerably lower than what you’ll pay for in most places in Samui. Mr. Eung’s is known for its traditional Thai dishes. Curry, seafood, and fish dishes are among their most popular items on the menu. A few Western favorites like pastas are also served here but if you will visit for the first time, fill your table with local food. You won’t be disappointed. With so many exciting dishes on the menu, it is very hard to narrow your choices. There are lots of must try dishes.

Friendly Ambience

Among the best things about Mr. Eung’s is the simplicity of the place. This is your typical open air island restaurant–nothing pretentious about it in terms of ambience. People go here basically for the food, price and service. So while this is not a typical pick for a date (unless your date knows that good food sometimes comes in the most odd places), it is a nice place for a casual meal with family and friends or just when you want to dine in a friendly, welcoming setting.

Appetizers and Salads

A good way to start your meal is to have something light and here at Mr. Eung’s, there are lots of really good options for starters. Of course, there’s the crowd favorite Thai green papaya salad. This has an interesting flavor combination that will surely stimulate your taste buds. A nice starter but also a light meal in itself if you are watching your calories is the prawn salad. This has bulk from the vegetables and low calorie protein from the shrimps. This is simple but a very tasty dish. Another filling salad is the chicken salad. This has chicken meat, which offers bite and something that will fill your tummy for hours without too much carbs. Mr. Eung’s also has plenty of irresistible appetizers such as calamari, fried prawns, chicken satay, and fish cakes. Among our recommended items from this category are the spring rolls and the prawn cakes. Both are absolutely yummy.


Thai cuisine has lots of comforting soups. The ever popular Tom yum with seafood is a must try at this restaurant. It is hot, a bit tangy, and is bursting with flavors and textures. A very warming dish for a rainy day is the glass noodle soup with minced pork. This has a tasty broth, silky smooth noodles for the carb load, and pork bits for protein. It is actually something of a meal in a bowl if you are only after something light yet comforting. If you want a thicker, creamier kind of soup, go for the coconut soup with chicken or the even tastier coconut soup with seafood. Both are actually very yummy.

Fish and Seafood

Mr. Eungs is something we can recommend if you want to feast on local seafood without hurting your wallet. Most fish and seafood dishes here can be had for less than 150 baht, while some like crab dishes are priced by weight. Even so, you will be eating a lot of seafood already for a good price so you can indulge if you are in the mood. Some of our loves from this category are the fried squid with garlic and pepper (this smells and tastes phenomenal), steamed mussel in white wine, fried baby clam with sweet curry, and the deep fried barracuda with chilli sauce. These 3 will surely blow your mind with their amazing deliciousness and will be some of the reasons why you will come back for more. Others you can’t miss are the BBQ prawns (oh so yummy), Thai curry crab, and fried fish in sweet and sour sauce (best eaten with rice).


If you are allergic to seafood and not much of a fish fan, don’t despair as there are much in store for you too. We recommend the beef panang curry, roasted duck, chicken green curry, and fried duck with chilli. All of these are very good.

Rice Meals

A staple carb in Koh Samui is rice and so you can’t escape this whenever you eat at a local restaurant. Actually at Mr. Eung’s they have popular rice meals you can chow on if you have taken a liking to this local grain. A classic goodie is the fried seafood curry served over rice. This dish will make you smile if you love curry, rice, and seafood. It’s addictive and very Thai. Another winner for us is the fried pork with rice. This is so beautiful in its simplicity. Just thinking about it will make you drool. If you love spicy food, the fried seafood with chili with rice is one good dish to try.

Refreshments and Dessert

For those looking for a good source of local beer and classic cocktails at a reasonable price, this restaurant is for you. Here you can indulge on Chang or Singha, margarita, daiquiri, mai tai, and many others. You can also try some of their fresh fruit shakes such as watermelon or mango. For something sweet try their banana fritters. They are delicious.

Mr. Eung’s Restaurant

Address:Thongsai Road | Choeng Mon, Ko Samui 84320, Thailand

Phone: +66 80 890 8596