The dynamics is very different when you are travelling with the whole family than when you are on your own or as a couple. When families go on vacation together, every member has his or her own expectation with regards to the holiday. Mom and dad look forward to relaxing and being away from their usual routine, while the kids want to be able to take a break from the school stuff and have a getaway filled with fun and great times. While booking a hotel room or rooms is the typical go to for many decades, travellers are more discerning these days and are more open to other available accommodations that will most suit their vacation preferences. For family travellers, a private villa rental is better in many ways than the local hotels in Koh Samui. Here is why more and more families are ditching the commercial accommodations and are going for private villas.

Healthier Food

Villa rentals allow families to prepare and cook their own meals. If your kids have food allergies or any member of your group has special dietary needs (soft diet, gluten-free diet etc), finding something for them to eat becomes easier since you can make their meals yourself. While dining out is a norm when on a holiday, staying in and having home cooked meals is healthier and better for your budget.

Also at a hotel, your kids might be tempted to raid the mini bar or order room service at every meal, adding up to your bill. This could be a disaster especially when you are trying to limit your expenses. At your own rented villa, you can stock up on fruits, vegetables, milk, cereals, and healthy snacks for your little ones, saving you money and ensuring good eating habits even when you are away from home.

Cheaper and More Convenient

Sure the rates of villas will seem more expensive than hotel rooms. But then, you might actually have to pay more in a hotel if your group is big and have to book multiple rooms to accommodate everyone. Villas are cheaper in the long run, especially for extended stays. Also, if you are travelling with other families or some friends, you can split the bill and have a spacious and luxurious place you all can share.

Multiple hotel rooms may seem okay at first but when you realize that you won’t actually be able to spend a lot of time together since you occupy rooms located on opposite sides of the floor, it can bum your holiday.

With a villa, you may stay in different rooms but you are confined in one area. You can eat together, swim together, or enjoy an afternoon of barbecue right in your own yard.

Impressive Options Available

In Koh Samui, villa rentals are slowly getting ahead of hotels and commercial resorts. It means that the competition is tough, which translates to the fact that many villa owners are pushing the envelope when it comes to amenities, architecture, furnishings, services, and offers in order to entice guests to book their place. This is good news for renters as villa options become more interesting, daring, and more worth it. When owners are willing to pull all the stops to please their clients, you’d know that a private accommodation will give you better value for money.

Space Galore

No matter how luxurious your hotel suite can be, it will never be a match to what a villa can offer you in terms of space. When you are travelling with kids, space is of the essence as it translates to comfort and less possibility to get bored.

Rent a luxury villa retreat in Koh Samui and your whole family will surely be happy as they will have their own room to sleep in, comfortable bathrooms they won’t have to fight over, a nice outdoor space where they can relax or cozy up with their gadgets, and all the modern comforts found in a typical household such as an internet connection, wide screen TV’s and a homey place as opposed to the sterile environment of most hotels.

Home away from home

If you will be staying in Koh Samui for weeks, it is important to provide a feeling of home for the benefit of your kids. Children are more sensitive to their surroundings than adults and are essentially more comfort seeking. A luxury accommodation with all the comforts of home and amenities for leisure like gaming console, dvd collection, toys, swimming pool, big yard, and roomy beds will put your kids at ease, making it easier for you to have fun as well.

Your vacation, your rules

Commercial hotels and resorts have a schedule for their meals as well as limited access to their facilities. In other words, you have to confine yourself to these if you will be staying there. You have to wake up early if you want to avail of the breakfast buffet promo and chances are you can only use the pool or the gym at set hours. Also, kids’ playtime will be limited and have to be cut short at night so as not to disturb other guests. At a private retreat, your children can run around til they drop and the adults can laugh all they want even during the wee hours because you have the place to yourself.

A Koh Samui villa rental lets you have the kind of vacation you want. You can place your stuff anywhere you like and not worry about the cleaning staff coming in and out of your room. Also, you can party all day, all night or swim til dawn at your private pool if that’s what you do on vacation. Luxury villas are designed and prepared in such a way to give you the best stay possible. Everything is your call.

More Privacy and More Savings

At a local commercial resort or hotel you will have to be with strangers at some point during your stay. You might bump into them at the lobby, the elevator, the hallway, and even at the swimming pool. If privacy is very important to you and your family, book a rental instead.

Also, commercial accommodations will charge you here and there given that they pay a lot of staff to keep their establishment working. At a Koh Samui villa, there are usually just one or two staff so labor costs are not that big, which means less surcharges for you. Villas also give you more opportunities to lessen your expenses. If your place has a pool, game room, and a court, you need not take the kids out to have fun. This will save you travel costs, entrance fee payments, and possible outside meals.