Many travellers cannot get enough of Koh Samui. The island is naturally beautiful and has many attractions to suit people of all ages and budgets. People come to the island primarily because of the beaches. However, over the years, Koh Samui has earned its reputation as Asia’s extreme sports hub. Adventure seeking tourists travel thousands of miles to this gorgeous part of Thailand for some serious adrenaline rush and out of this world activities. Tighten your seatbelts as we present Koh Samui’s best extreme sports.


While it can be compared to the Jetlev-flyer, the flyboard is a unique sport on its own. Yes you will also be propelled several feet above the water but in addition, you will also be able to swim back to the water and go under. The mechanism of the flyboard is very similar to the way dolphins play in the water. Exciting, right?

Many people who have tried this sport have become so hooked and there is a reason. Flyboard is thrilling, offers flexibility, and allows the rider to perform many freestyle movements. So if you feel like you could be the next Aquaman, don’t miss out on this activity. The bonus: flyboarding in Koh Samui is a lot cheaper than in other places so take advantage and try it on your Thai holiday.

Mock War Game A.K.A. Paintball

If you are not into watersports and you are not a fan of high elevation but would want to feel the rush of adrenaline nonetheless, Paintball is for you. This is a friendly game of aim and fire set outdoors, usually in the middle of the jungle.

Like soldiers in combat, you will need a lot of strength and tactics for this game. At the end of the fight, your chances of being the last man standing will depend on your strategy and shooting skills.

Paintball packages often include the gear needed, insurance, and some snacks. Our favourite thing about Paintball? It is addictive, exciting, and a good way to burn calories.

Bungy Jumping

A very popular extreme activity, bungy jumping is definitely not for the faint of heart. Obviously if you have a fear of heights, this isn’t for you. However, if you like to experience something scary and thrilling at the same time, please don’t leave the island without booking for a jump.

Somehow, the tranquil scenery provides the perfect backdrop for a bungy jump, especially since you will need to calm your nerves the few mere seconds before your take off.

A venue in Chaweng, called Bungy Jump is the very place for this activity. The staff are highly professional, well trained, and are pro-safety so you can jump with no worries.


A visit to Samui won’t be complete without some fun in the water so it is time for an interesting water activity that will leave you feeling awesome up to your toes. Jetlev-flyer takes watersports to a whole new level of extreme.

The jetpack is a special equipment designed to launch the wearer several feet high above the water. Think comic characters that you used to love as a kid or perhaps rockets that go at full speed. Those are exactly what the jetlev-flyer is all about. Since it is still a budding sport, there are only limited places where you can try it and luckily Koh Samui is one of them.

An instructor will guide you everyday step of the way before your flight. Some people are able to get the hang of the concept in less than 10 minutes. Once you are ready, you can fly on your own and enjoy this sport for about half an hour.


A little less scary than previous sports mentioned but still a lot of fun, the waterball is something that will tickle your funny bone and your curiosity at the same time. If you ever wondered if you can survive bouncing and rolling inside a giant inflated ball or die catching your breath because you can’t stop laughing, this is a good way to find out.

Canopy Rides

Another popular extreme Koh Samui sport is canopy ride. If a walking tour or a boat tour of the island is not enough for you and you want the familiar adrenaline high that only an extreme adventure can provide, then give canopy rides a try. With this activity, you can work your muscles, take in fascinating jungle views, and be able to admire the wonders of Samui at a glorious height. Once you ride a canopy, for sure you won’t stop with just one tour. You will want more.

Cliff Diving

A hardcore extreme sport for those who like it simple yet breathtaking is cliff diving. A true adventurer loves being on the edge and with this activity you can be on the edge, figuratively and literally. The best thing about cliff diving is that it is usually free and you can do it over and over if you still have energy for the climb.

ATV Adventure

Samui activities don’t always involve the beach. A good extreme sport that you can enjoy with friends and give you the surge of excitement you are looking for involves riding an ATV. Aside from getting a thrill of excitement while driving on rough roads and varied terrain, you will also be able to see the island’s well loved sights.

Despite their rugged reputation, ATV’s are safe and are designed to get through diverse landscapes effortlessly. An ATV ride is more affordable than other extreme sports on the island and is a nice way to take a break from the beach if you hate swimming anyway. X-Quad Samui in Maenam is a popular place where you can rent ATV’s. The company has great tour guides and will ensure that you have a memorable ride with the whole gang.

With these extreme sports ideas, your time in Thailand will be memorable, exciting, and filled with adventure. Have fun!