Sometimes a holiday by the beach is just what you need to recharge your batteries and get inspiration. As far as Instagram is concerned, nothing gets people crazy like a mouth watering food shot or a breathtaking photo taken from beautiful exotic locations. For your Thailand vacation, make everyone green with envy by staying in one of these Instagram worthy hotels by the beach.

Renaissance Koh Samui Resort and Spa

Koh Samui beachfront hotels are popular among top travellers and if a luxury holiday is what you have in mind, you can’t go wrong with Renaissance Koh Samui Resort and Spa. This is among the island’s finest vacation havens. Set a few steps at the beach, here every moment is selfie worthy. Imagine waking up to gorgeous beachfront views and being caressed by lush island breeze. That’s exactly what you’ll experience at this amazing hotel. Whether you are lounging at your villa or parading at the pool deck wearing your fashionable swimwear, you just know that here, every penny you spent is totally worth it.

The hotel’s pride is the Royal Lamai Villa and with its open space and magnificent views of Laem Nan Bay, it is a perfect setting for a honeymoon or a romantic getaway. This boasts direct access to the beach and has more than 200 square meters of fabulous living space. Without a doubt, this Koh Samui hotel is among the best in the country and a must visit on your Thai vacation.

The Library Koh Samui

The island has so much to offer in terms of the variety of its living spaces. If a traditional beach hotel does not cut it for you, maybe you’ll be interested in a trendier type of setting for your getaway. In Chaweng, a hip hotel set by the beach is the Library Koh Samui. This is unlike any other hotel you have ever seen and if you are fascinated by the unusual, this will not disappoint.

Clean lines and sharp contrasts are some of the highlights in terms of architecture and surely, photos of you with this hotel as your backdrop will get only positive feedback. Minimalistic design plus strong solid colors is among the signature aspects of the interiors. Those who love art and modern themes can’t get enough of this place.

Probably a spot where you might want to focus your camera on is the unique red pool. This beautifully tiled swimming pool is hailed by critics as fascinating and a work of art. It is a stunning contrast to the turquoise blue waters of the beach which is a short walk away.

Nora Buri Resort and Spa

If you are willing to splurge and go all the way as far as your island getaway is concerned, Nora Buri Resort and Spa should be on top of your list of hotel options. This is a stunning hotel and the true definition of luxury.

Here nothing comes cheap but rest assured that you will have tons of memories to carry with you when you get home. Nora Buri Resort and Spa allows one to enjoy the best of the tropics. From its charming modern meets traditional architecture to its relaxing spa, and all the way to its world class dining and facilities, this could be your personal favorite sanctuary on the island.

Nora Buri is also a popular wedding venue. Couples who dream of that fancy island wedding choose this because of its spectacular design, great service, and romantic honeymoon suites. The beachfront pool villa suite will take your breath away with its sophisticated interiors and lovely beach views. Spacious and elegantly decorated, here every moment is bound to be magical.

Escape Beach Resort

Impressive hideaways need not cost an arm and a leg. In Koh Samui, there is a blissful hotel that will suit even a tight budget. Escape Beach Resort offers mesmerizing beach views without the hefty price tag. For travelers who want a secluded yet family friendly hotel that is right at the beach, this is a good option. Here comfortable bedrooms can be availed for less than 50 USD and one can take beautiful photos, thanks to the tranquil scenery. This budget friendly hotel in Maenam is famous for its glorious sunset and serene water views. Great food awaits too in the hotel’s very own restaurant.

The beach front bungalow offers well prepared living spaces with interiors inspired by the tropics. Views here are breathtaking and the facilities will prove that you don’t have to spend d a lot of money to get a quality place to stay while on the island. There’s internet connection, a sun lounge, and a rain shower for your enjoyment.

Rocky’s Boutique Resort

Powdery white sand, tranquil beach waters, and an abundance of greenery make an awesome backdrop for any holiday photo and all these you can get here at Rocky’s. This luxurious sanctuary is beautiful in its own right and boasts top notch facilities.

Strike a pose barefoot along the shore or have a selfie while lounging in one of the gazebos while sipping some tropical smoothie. Rest assured that no matter where you are at Rocky’s you can take stunning pictures to flood your Insta account and leave your followers in awe of your fabulous lifestyle.

The highlight of the resort is the mesmerizing beach. The scenery is simply spectacular, the air is fresh, and the warmth of the sun will melt your worries away. A nice way to spend a lazy afternoon is to take long walks along the beach and take in the beauty of nature that you don’t have the privilege to see everyday. At night you can stay at the bistro or perhaps have a hearty meal at the restaurant. You may also choose to spend the entire evening in your own living space, which on its own is also a joy to behold.

Looking for a place for your dream vacation? Any of these gorgeous beach hotels will ensure that you will leave the island inspired, recharged, and with a smile on your face. The bonus? Your vacation photos are sure to be captivating as well.