RockPool Samui

Open: 7am to 10pm  

Address: 80/32 Moo 5 | Kanda Residences Samui, Bophut, Ko Samui 84320, Thailand

Phone: 077234500

Amazing tropical ambiance, stunning water views, and superb food, these are things you can expect when you dine at RockPool Samui. This is a part of Kanda Residences in Bophut and is a great venue to unwind, chill with friends, and feed your tummy.

They have interesting food events. For example, if you want to have oyster galore, you should come on Fridays. During this particular day, they have promos on oysters which you can enjoy with champagne and wines. A nice live music will accompany your meal so you will totally have an amazing time. Because of its pool dining concept, RockPool is often chosen as a place for special events like weddings and anniversaries. You can celebrate your birthday here too.

Among the stars on the menu are the seafood set which starts at 2300 baht. This includes fish, crab, shrimp, fried rice, veggies, and fruits. The seafood set with lobster is almost double the price but is worth it if you are a true lobster fan. This particular set includes 2 Canadian lobsters, a bottle of wine, and everything included in the seafood set above.

If you are craving for a mouthwatering steak, their Australian beef ribeye with chimichurri is highly recommended. This is perfectly seasoned, cooked according to your preference and will delight any meat lover because of the quality of the beef. RockPool’s pizzas are also worth the money. They have a really interesting tandoori pizza and one with Parma ham that tastes so delicious. Traditional Thai favorites are also present in the menu. Try their Northern Thai Pork Belly Curry. It is superb.

Belka Cafe

Open: 10am to 7pm

Address: 142/48 Moo 4, Maret, Ko Samui 84310, Thailand

Phone: 0967795789

Highly raved about because of its delicious homemade cakes and pastries,Belka Cafe is an excellent place to get your coffee fix and give your sweet tooth something to smile about. They also serve breakfast all day long so if you are not a morning person yet would want a plate of Western style breakfast, visit Belka Cafe and your tummy will thank you for it.

One of their highlights is their chocolate cheesecake. This is delightfully sinful. Imagine rich chocolate cake perfectly balanced by the light, sweet, slightly salty and tangy cream cheese frosting. They also have a great tasting Tiramisu. Simple, creamy, with a hint of coffee. It is the ultimate comfort food. Another huge bestseller is their apple pie which is served with ice cream. A true tropical treat is their mango cheesecake. Better order an entire cake to go as it would make a delicious dessert for any meal. Also an interesting item at Belka Cafe is their chocolate strawberry cheesecake. The combination of the fruity strawberry flavor and chocolate is just to die for.

The refreshments at Belka Cafe are also commendable. We love their iced matcha. It is very Asian, earthy, and so refreshing. Their coffee is pretty good too. In fact many customers say that their coffee offerings are among the best in all of Samui. If you don’t like coffee but want something rich and hot, you can go for Belka’s hot chocolate. This is incredibly satisfying even on its own. The great thing about Belka Cafe is that their food is delicious but affordable. A slice of cake plus a cup of coffee here is cheaper than a bottle of beer in a bar. If you want excellent snacks that won’t dig a hole in your pocket, stop by this lovely cafe. You won’t regret it.


Address: 171 Moo 1 | maenam walking street, Mae Nam, Ko Samui 84330, Thailand
Phone: 0862786681

If you have had enough of fast food and Chinese takeout at home and you’d want to have a lighter, healthier diet while on a holiday, PRAVA is among the dining places you must visit first in Samui. This simple cafe in Maenam is known for their light healthy snacks and refreshing smoothies and cocktails. Their menu is eclectic. They have Mexican items on the menu, some Mediterranean style tapas, and Indian dishes as well. This is a hit among vegans and health buffs since the place serves plenty of meatless options that are better suited for their diet. They also have Thai food on the menu.

This is a casual venue, nothing fancy yet still it is very comfortable. People come here to cool down since Prava is known for its fresh slow pressed juices, shakes, and smoothies. Breakfast is popular here too. The restaurant’s morning treats are filling, healthy, and balanced.

Some of our top picks from Prava include their twice baked potato, kale salad, taco salad, and vegan falafel salad. A healthy sweet treat is their bircher muesli bowl. This is a good meal to start your morning and is also perfect as a post workout snack. Have it after your yoga class or after hours of swimming. It will instantly revive you. A warm dish that is oozing with exotic flavors is the Indian lentil soup. This is served with bread on the side and is oh so delicious. A light platter that you can share is the Mediterranean plate. This is recommended when you want something filling yet not too heavy. This is a highly varied platter that will definitely entice your taste buds.

Prava also impressed us with their wide variety of health drinks. We love their dragon fruit mojito. It has a beautiful dark pink color that makes any photo pop. We also love Maenami. This has flavors of lemon, Thai basil, cucumber, lime and a special tiger balm syrup. This is an amazing drink that will even awaken you better than coffee. Their pravarita, the house’s version of margarita, has notes of chili, watermelon, orange, and of course tequila. Their stabilizer juice that is made from apples, carrots, and ginger is as tasty as it looks. It is surprisingly delicious. Prava’s Thai dishes are winning too. You should not miss out on their pad Thai.

Supattra Thai Dining

Address: 32/6 Moo 4 | Bangrak, Ko Samui 84320, Thailand
Phone: 0932828777

For authentic Thai dishes and a peaceful and relaxing ambience, you can head to Supattra Thai Dining. This is popular among  many diners because the service is excellent and the dishes are made with care and are great tasting.

The interior of Supattra is casual yet sophisticated so it is a versatile venue that can work whether you will be here on a date or will be dining with family and friends.

Must try dishes from Supattra are the crispy squid, Panang curry, and blue crab in curry. Every plate is carefully presented and each dish have a good balance of flavors. A simple dish that is worth ordering is the Thai deep fried fish. For dessert, try bour loi. This is a treat made from colored chewy balls in warm coconut milk.

If you are in the mood to eat out, don’t forget to try any of these places. The quality of their food, the prices, and their ambience are only the tip of the iceberg. All of them are promising. Read more about best restaurants in Koh Samui here.