When you think of getting married in the tropics, a beach wedding seems like a beautiful option. In fact many couples feel like it is the only way to tie the knot in an exotic location. An indoor wedding or a garden wedding seems to be missing the whole point for a place that is surrounded with water. As romantic as it sounds, a beach wedding in Koh Samui has its pros and cons. It is amazing when done right and planned for well but it can be disastrous given some circumstances such as sudden rains, high tides, and beach crowd getting out of control.


It is extremely romantic and picture perfect.

A marriage ceremony symbolizes the union of the bride and groom and the beach is a place where the elements are in synergy. The water, sky, sand, and sun all unite to bring about one of the most relaxing sceneries in nature. This is why the beach is a popular setting for a wedding. It is the point where the best of nature come together creating a picturesque backdrop when you say your vows.

Minimal decor is needed.

When you have a lovely beach as your backdrop, you need not put a lot of accents to provide a romantic feel. All you need is to set a focal point for the ceremony. A popular choice is an arch, usually done in white. This will ensure that all eyes will be on you as you and your beloved say I do.

You can dress casually to complement the scenery.

A tuxedo for the groom and a full sleeved all lace gown and full veil for the bride look great for a ballroom themed wedding or for one set in a cathedral but can be overkill for a ceremony set at the beach, meaning on the sand. Among the great things about choosing a beach wedding is that you have the excuse not to dress to the nines. Sure you want to look amazing on your big day but now even less pricey kinds of clothing are available as options. A full length flowy dress made from light fabrics look fab at the beach and costs a lot less than a bespoke beaded gown. Also, you can skip the high heeled designer shoes and opt for jeweled sandals or go barefoot. Just jazz up and prettify your feet with some jewelry and impeccable pedicure of course. The groom can get away with linen shirts, chinos,and casual footwear.

You can choose from many beautiful Koh Samui beaches for your ceremony.

Koh Samui is a popular destination among many newly engaged couples because it is meant for a beach wedding. There are lots of beautiful beaches on the island. From the quiet and idyllic Choeng Mon to the family friendly Bophut, charming Maenam, to the secluded Silver Beach there are plenty of breathtaking beaches for you to select from in Koh Samui.


Privacy is a tricky business.

Because the beaches in Samui are public, you can’t guarantee privacy because there are people who are there to do their thing too: sunbathing, watersports, chit chat etc. You have better chances of getting more privacy if you book a property with exclusive beach frontage or perhaps a wedding resort.  If you are planning to do it on a public beach, it would be better if you have a wedding planner to take care of issues like making sure that the crowd is kept at a distance.

The elements could work against you.

The beach as your Samui wedding ceremony venue is a double edged sword. It is unbeatable in terms of ambience and it combines the best of nature. However, the fact that it involves nature means that it also is unpredictable and a little challenging to deal with. The sun can be harsh, so it is best to do the ceremony either very early in the morning when the rays are mild or later afternoon in time for the sunset. Aside from this, the waves could also be a problem. If it is high tide, the waves could sweep across your platform or point of ceremony. It can also cause your clothes to get wet. The natural sound of waves,while one of the best sounds on Earth can actually pose an issue too. The loud crashing of the water can drown the sounds involved in the program. If this isn’t enough, the humidity can make you sweat buckets, making your hair look voluminous or poofy. It can also cause your makeup to melt. If these aren’t enough, the sand can get on your feet and on the bottom half of your clothes. Of course these are minor stuff but something that every couple should know too.

Logistics can be pretty challenging.

Setting up a beach wedding is harder than prepping for an indoor wedding. First of all, there’s the wind to consider. It can blow your decor away if you don’t secure them plus the unpredictable weather conditions (sudden rains) can also delay things. Not to mention that it is harder to transport stuff directly to the shoreline since most beach won’t allow vehicles that close to the water. Because the loading vehicle is parked far away, it will take more time to drop everything off. The same is true for cleaning everything and taking stuff out after the event.

A backup plan in case it rains is called for.

A contingency plan in case it rains is a necessity for a beach wedding. You can’t just leave everything to chance unless you are that spontaneous. It could rain and the thing is, it is just a possibility but something that you should plan for nevertheless. Have a backup tent set up and prepped so you and your guests can carry on even if Mother Nature gives you a shower as a wedding gift.

The fact that a beach wedding can be unpredictable is both challenging and appealing. If you are planning to have one in Koh Samui, we wish you all the best and may you have a blissful married life.