Being on vacation can be a threat to your physique. Let’s face it. When you are on a holiday, you have all the excuses in the world to sleep as much as you want, drink a lot, pig out, and be lazy. That’s what people do on vacation and that’s perfectly normal. However, if you worked hard for your body and want to avoid gaining
excess pounds while in Thailand, there are things you can do to stay healthy and maintain your hard earned figure. Here are plenty of ways to keep fit in Koh Samui.

Walk a lot.

Walking is a popular way to stay fit without exerting a lot of effort. When in Koh Samui, take the chance to fill in your 10,000 steps. There are many places you can explore on foot. Nature parks, shopping malls, walking streets, and temples give you plenty of opportunity to walk. Take morning strolls at the beach and explore the sights that are several blocks away from your hotel without riding public transport. This way, you work your leg muscles and burn excess calories while sightseeing.


Swimming is a good exercise that work the legs, chest and shoulders. Take morning and night swims in your pool villa or swim at the beach if the weather permits. This is good for you and is an effective way to keep your body in top form.

Learn Muay Thai.

If you want to make sure that your muscles are rock hard when you come back from your vacation, you need to keep moving and engage in activities that utilize your entire body. Muay Thai is an excellent muscle building activity and is a good way to combat stress too. Not only that, this sport increases stamina and burns a lot of calories. If you will be feasting on pizza and rice on your island stay, this is a good way to ensure you won’t gain a pound of fat. The bonus is that Muay Thai is fun, empowering, and is an effective means of self defense.

Do yoga.

Koh Samui is a haven for yoga lovers. Here there are a number of really good studios dedicated for this amazing discipline. Yoga improves circulation, keeps you strong, and can be both invigorating or relaxing, depending on the routine. You can yoga on your own at the shoreline or in your hotel room or you can join others at the nearby yoga school.

Learn Pilates.

An alternative to yoga or something you can practice along with it is Pilates. This exercise has multiple benefits and can work especially for people who cannot do strenuous workouts. The movements involved in Pilates are gentler but nonetheless effective in increasing muscular strength, improving flexibility, and stimulating muscle awareness and control. Because this activity involves a great deal of concentration, it is extremely relaxing and is a good way to get your mind off things. Doing Pilates will keep your muscles strong and well defined. It will also improve your posture so you can look your best in your favorite swimwear. Most yoga studios in Koh Samui offer Pilates classes or if you want to workout alone, you can just watch Pilates videos online as your guide.

Go meatless.

Meat can be pretty hard on the tummy in huge amounts. If you will be eating a lot, try to go meatless. There are plenty of local dishes that you can enjoy that don’t have meat. Have a papaya salad or a vegetable curry or maybe a plate of fresh spring rolls (without shrimp). They are delicious but lighter and essentially have fewer calories than meaty local food. You can also explore vegetarian friendly restaurants in Koh Samui. There are actually plenty. If you can’t go totally meatless, try to eat less of it and take advantage of the fresh local produce. Fruits in Thailand are really delicious. Have a green mango with shrimp paste or fish sauce. Try a ripe papaya for breakfast or have a ripe mango or durian instead of a cake for dessert.

Drinks lots of coconut juice.

Coconut juice is a popular drink in the tropics. It is sweet, refreshing, and all natural. Not only that, it is a great drink to keep you hydrated. It is rich in potassium so it also an ideal post-workout drink. Whether at room temperature or with ice, it tastes amazing. It is cheap too and better than any bottled vitamin water.

Go for virgin cocktails or mocktails.

If you want to avoid a beer belly but still want to have fun drinking when out, you can go for non-alcoholic cocktails or mocktails. They look and tastes just like your favorite drinks but they won’t make you bloated or give you a colossal hangover.

Find a nearby gym.

If you have a fitness schedule that you need to keep up with, staying at a place that has a gym or is near one is a good idea. The atmosphere in a gym will help you focus on your workouts. Also there you can use different kinds of equipment needed for your routine. If you need structure and a conducive place to keep fit, then going to the nearby gym should do it for you.

Ride a kayak.

A nice workout you can do on the island that does not seem like a chore is kayaking. This is a fun and relaxing way to explore the waters whether alone or with friends or with a tour guide. Because of the scenery, you won’t feel bored as you paddle your way across the sea. Everything in front of you is beautiful. What you don’t know is that with every movement, you are stretching and moving your arm muscles, keeping them toned and adding definition.


A healthy body goes hand in hand with a healthy mind. Meditation is a chance to reorient your brain and change your way of thinking. Meditation is intimidating to a lot of people but once you get the hang of it, it will get easier and the experience will be more rewarding. Find a quiet spot, breathe in and breathe out and allow your troubles to melt one by one.

Head to the spa.

The spa is also a place where you can get fit. You can have a sauna bath, try a slimming massage or just have a nice stone massage after a nice workout as a reward to yourself. See more spas in Koh Samui here.


Detox could conjure images of green juices and endless bathroom trips to some people. While these are partly true, detox is a deeper and bigger word than that. First of all there are many ways to detox or get rid of toxins or purge negative energy from our system. You can do a digital detox and stay away from your gadgets while on vacation. You can also have an energy detox by means of chakra cleansing and crystal healing. You can also do a colon detox, where you eat a menu of raw food and fresh juices to clean your system from within. Doing any of these or all of them will be good for your body. They won’t do anything drastic but rest assured that you’d feel a difference.