May your stay in Koh Samui be filled with great food adventures. A nice restaurant to zero in on if you wish to eat good quality local food is Phensiri Thai Bistro. This has an impressive tropical inspired setting where you can enjoy dining whether inside or al fresco, thanks to its casual atmosphere. With a wide selection of local delicacies, here you can indulge in tasty Thai dishes and desserts without breaking the bank since their prices are reasonable.

Traditional and homestyle food.

If a number of Thai restaurants at home have disappointed you in the past because of their commercial feel, Phensiri Thai Bistro will refresh your experience with Thai cuisine by offering you local food prepared in the traditional way. Eating here feels like eating in a typical Thai household in the old times, back when refined snacks and fast foods were still frowned upon. Using fresh ingredients that are sourced daily from the local markets, Phensiri Thai cooking will delight you with its quality and authenticity of flavors.

Chef Recommended

The jewel of the Phensiri Thai Bistro, the menu begins with the chef’s yummy favorites. A good item here is the smoked duck breast in red curry. This is among the bistro’s bestsellers. A must try if you love duck meat. Diners also love the seafood pad cha, this is a seafood stir fry with delicious flavors of garlic, ginger, holy basil, and Kaffir lime. Chili is also added when cooking so this a bit on the spicy side. Another hit is their Massaman Neua. This is tender beef in Massaman curry. This is hearty, comforting, and a nice twist to the usual beef and potato stew.

Popular Thai Dishes

Phensiri Bistro in Koh Samui serves all the popular Thai dishes foodies can’t get enough of. They have deep fried spring rolls, fresh spring rolls, and pad Thai gung. Something you should not miss out on is the ba mi phed. This is succulent smoked duck breast with egg noodles soup. This is deceptively simple but is so yummy, you don’t want to skip this. Another very popular local dish that you can sample here is tom yam gung. Their version is very good and nicely balanced. It’s sour and spicy—a guaranteed way to awaken your taste buds. If you love fish, be sure to include some the house’s deep fried fish when you order. The deep fried whole snapper topped with garlic and pepper is tasty, crispy, and a perfect dish to eat with rice.

Hidden Gems

Aside from the ever popular Thai favorites, you can also try lesser known local food here. Some underrated dishes we love are ka na mou grob or fried kale with crispy pork, gai pad med ma mueng or crispy chicken pan fried with oyster sauce, and fried eggplant with minced pork (pad prik ma kua yaow). The pork stew is another hidden gem here. It is so flavorful and the meat is so tender. It is highly recommended.

Vegetarian options are also available for diners who don’t eat meat. Oftentimes, they would replace meat with tofu, so if you are okay with that you can try their tofu green curry, stir fried tofu (pad tofu) and pad dok hom or tofu cooked with garlic, chives, and mushrooms.

International Menu

Diners who would like food other than Thai can take a look at the bistro’s international menu. They have a good selection of pastas and other Western style snacks. Their Frutti de Mare pasta is delicious and has perfectly cooked seafood and al dente noodles. Their Bolognese lasagna is another yummy dish that even your little ones will like. If you are craving for fries, try the truffled French fries. These are thick fries flavored with truffle oil and Parmesan cheese. They also have salads and bruschetta.

If you are dining with kids, don’t worry. Phensiri has spaghetti and crispy chicken steak, both of which are appealing even for picky eaters.

Something Sweet

To fabulously end your meal, be sure to order at least one of the house’s desserts. Their five island ice cream is to die for. This is coconut ice cream that has 5 delicious toppings: pumpkin, taro, palm seed, coconut, and peanuts. It is surprisingly refreshing but sweet enough to calm your sweet tooth.

A more gourmet treat is the Toto favorite. This is basically fluffy pancakes with a special banana flambe, chocolate sauce, and vanilla ice cream. They also have crepe Suzette—a tantalizing crepe with really good orange sauce and vanilla ice cream. We love this one.

Refreshing Drinks

Phensiri Thai Bistro makes amazing cocktails such as mojito, mai tai, Long Island, and caipirinha. They also serve coffee, tea, sodas, and beer. Among our favored drinks are their signature ice coffee and fresh coconut juice.

There are also yummy novel drinks you may want to explore. Their wunder melon is a mix of watermelon, fresh mint, and brown sugar. This is absolutely ideal during the hot season as it is sweet and thirst quenching. We also enjoyed tic tac which is a creamy combination of banana, milk, and hazelnut butter. It tastes almost like dessert. The green island is another goodie. This has apple, kiwi, mint, and lime.

Good Family Place and Really Authentic Flavors

For guests who want to get a taste of local dishes at a comfortable setting, this restaurant is highly recommended. It is an open style venue that is in keeping with the nature of the food they serve. It is okay whether you are with friends or family. Their prices are within anyone’s budget and their portion sizes are satisfactory. However, the bistro becomes crowded at certain times so if you want guaranteed seats we suggest that you call for a reservation. Overall, the food at Phensiri is delicious and their menu has a lot to offer. Be sure to visit when you are in Samui.

Phensiri Thai Bistro Koh Samui
Address: 80/30 Chaweng Beach Rd. | Suratthani, Chaweng, Bophut, Ko Samui 84320, Thailand
Phone: 006677952412