A glowing tan is a status symbol sorta kind of thing for many people. It is a reminder of a fun beach holiday, an undeniable souvenir of an exotic vacation that you don’t get to do all the time maybe because of budget or time constraints. Tan lines, even if they seem weird are bragging rights for a few of us because it means that we had the privilege to lie back, get off work for while and relax in a place where there is lots of sunshine. If you want to take home a sun kissed complexion, there are many ways to do that in Koh Samui apart from the obvious route which is sunbathing. Here are the best ways to get that glorious  tan.

Tour the island aboard a luxury boat.

If you want to get that golden complexion you have always wanted but can’t stand being idle, then we recommend going on an all day cruise in and out of Samui. This is a satisfying way to spend your time. You will get to relax, see popular sights, get to be with friends and family, and last but not the least, have plenty of sun exposure. You can take a brunch tour and visit secluded beaches and top snorkeling spots. You may also opt for a trip to Angthong National Marine Park—one of the island gems in terms of natural resources and beautiful scenery. While on a cruise, you have nothing to worry about and just indulge in the luxury of it all.

Go crazy with jet ski.

Another popular island activity that can get you beautifully sunbaked is jet skiing. This is a hit in many islands and that’s also true here in Koh Samui. A jet ski ride is liberating, fun, and lets you feel that you are being whisked away somewhere far and exotic. You can ride on your own or with a buddy. Have fun as the sun hits your face and the sea breeze tugs at your hair.

Try Stand Up Paddleboarding.

SUP or stand-up paddle boarding is another good way to work up a tan in Koh Samui. This is a popular local sport and is a hit among the young set and adults as well. The great thing about SUP is that it is easy to learn and you can perform the sport according to your own pace. It is a relaxing sport that you can do on your own but it can also harness your competitive nature if you play with other people. Aside from being a fun activity and an excuse to get lots of sunshine, SUP is a good workout too. Doing this regularly can help tone your tummy, tighten your arms, and give you stronger legs.

Go on a walking tour.

Because the weather in Samui is naturally sunny most of the time, even simple walking tours can give you a sunkissed glow. Explore the local temples, take your time at the walking streets, and visit as many local attractions near your accommodations. With this you can get a mild tan and get to know the island better.

Play golf.

Yes there is golf in the tropics and if you think you are gonna miss this while on a holiday, you are wrong. Golf is quite a thing on the island. Not as big as other tourist attractions but is a hit nonetheless. A few sessions of golf can help you get a tan. It may not yield quick results as hours of sunbathing after putting on some tanning lotion but nothing beats that anyway.

Organize a game of beach volleyball.

Want to make everyone a part of your tanning crusade? Organize 2 teams and play beach volleyball. This is a fun activity and is an effective means to work a sweat and get the most of the beach scene. This is considerably cheaper than the bulk of the local watersports available and free even if your villa or resort has this facility.

Fake it.

If you are the type who burns easily and turn tomato red instead of becoming tan after sun exposure, we highly recommend that you wear a lot of sunblock on the island and avoid outdoor activities when the sun is at its peak. Natural tanning method is not for you. Don’t despair though as there are a few ways to fake a bronzed god/goddess complexion. You can opt for a spray on tan or if you are not pregnant, can go for the tanning beds. These are costlier than sunbathing but won’t put your health at risk.

Ride a kayak.

A truly relaxing activity you can do alone or with company, kayaking never goes out of style. Like riding a jet ski, it has a liberating feel to it but since it is slower in pace, it is sort of meditative and is a good way to take your mind off things and a soothing way to enjoy the sunny outdoors.

Chase and ride the waves.

Surfing is still a big thing in Samui and if you love this sport and have been doing it for a while, you know that it can really be the key to a nice even tan. October to December is the best time for local surfing. Chaweng remains to be a hot surfing spot although other beaches are promising too.You just need to be there at the right time to catch good waves.

Relax at your deck.

If you don’t feel like going out and you’d rather stay at your place, you can still get a good sun glow by sunbathing near the pool. Grab a good book, put on your swimwear, slather some tanning lotion and get sunbaked the old school way. Keep amping up your fluids though as prolonged sun exposure can cause dehydration. Also, practice some common sense. Like in most things, moderation is key. You want a good tan, not a bad case of sunburn.