Locals sure can’t get enough of pure coconut water and it seems that tourists are becoming more aware of the many benefits of this wonderful drink. It is popular in the tropics and you can see it being sold all over Koh Samui, oftentimes straight from the husk. Light, refreshing, with just the right amount of sweetness, you can’t beat this humble drink when it comes to health benefits. Here’s why you should drink more of coconut water.

All Natural and Packed With Nutrients

The juice from young coconut can be consumed as is, with ice or mixed with other stuff. This is one of the healthiest stuff on the planet. It is rich in antioxidants, bio enzymes, natural sugar, fiber, and trace minerals. It is also a popular source of electrolytes and can nourish and replenish lost fluids better than any sports drink. It is easy on the tummy too so you can drink it even on an empty stomach. The fact that it has no preservatives and is derived from nature means that it could be on your health buff arsenal.

Gluten Free and Vegan Friendly

Coconut water is free from gluten so it can easily be incorporated to a gluten free diet. Since it is not a meat-derived product, it is also something that vegans can enjoy.

Balances pH

Pure coconut water has an alkalizing effect on the body, meaning it neutralizes acidity which is linked to all sorts of diseases. It is believed that an acidic body is a conducive environment for microbial growth and is often sluggish. Drinking fresh coconut juice on a regular basis can restore your body’s pH to healthy levels allowing your immune system to function at its fullest and making you less susceptible to sickness.

Great Workout Drink

You sweat a lot when you workout. In addition, your muscles are put under a lot of stress. Allow your body to recover quickly by having some coconut water. With its natural sugar and water content, as well as potassium and magnesium, it is the ideal post workout beverage.

Instantly Refreshes and Rehydrates

A serving of coconut water is one of the most refreshing drinks you can have in Koh Samui. Sure the sunny beach weather is great but too much heat can take a toll on the body causing exhaustion, dehydration,and even headaches. Cool down in a shaded area after a long walk or hours of touring the island and help yourself to some young coconut juice. Drink it as is or with ice—it’s all good.

Readily Available

In Koh Samui you can buy coconut water fresh from a cracked open young coconut. Some vendors will even scoop the flesh part for you or give you a spoon so you can eat it after you finish the drink. You can have coconut water for less than 50 baht, but if you get it at an upscale place such as a fancy beach club, it can be expensive. If you want to indulge, buy at the walking streets or at the food stalls where they are sold for less.

Good For The Heart

With a high level of potassium, coconut water helps protect the heart and prevent high blood pressure. It also has zero cholesterol and trans fat, both of which are linked to heart issues. In addition, a recent study shows that coconut water helps alleviate bad cholesterol problems. So if you have heart problems or if heart diseases run in the family make this popular Thai drink a part of your daily intake.

Remedy for Bladder Infection

People with bladder or urinary tract infection can benefit from drinking several servings of water from coconut. This drink makes you want to take the loo all the time, allowing the body to flush toxins and microbes. It also changes the pH of the body for faster recovery from infection.

Neutralizes High Sodium Intake

If your diet is high in sodium or you have overdone it with the salty stuff like deli meat, cheese, instant noodles, or the like, you can flush out the excess sodium by drinking lots of water or eating something that is rich in potassium. Coconut water is a good potassium source and is a natural diuretic, helping your body to flush excess sodium and combat fluid retention often caused by too much salt.

Good For Weight Loss

Coconut water is now considered to be a superfood, thus its current popularity. Island locals have long been aware of the many benefits of this beverage and now celebrities and athletes are catching up. This is an ideal weight loss staple because it has antioxidants and enzymes that improve digestion. In addition,it is satisfying and helps fight cravings for sweets. Pure coconut juice is also low in calories so you can have more than just a glass.

Best Hangover Cure

Alcohol is often a part of a memorable holiday and if you found yourself having a drinking binge and need something to help you recover from a colossal hangover, coconut juice or water is your best bet. This will provide you with nutrients and help replenish lost fluids.

Great Base For Smoothies and Shakes

Because of its light taste and load of nutrients, coconut water can be mixed with other ingredients to make a yummy smoothie. With this as a base, you’ll get vitamins, electrolytes, antioxidants, and all the deliciousness of a dessert in one glass. You can also control the amount of sugar you put into your smoothie so you know that every drop of it is good for you.

In Koh Samui you may chance upon bottled or canned coconut water and while some of them taste good,know that they are not as good as the real thing. Be aware that the surest way to reap the benefits of this wonder beverage is to drink it fresh,right from a newly opened young coconut. Mature coconuts have a more acidic water and pale in comparison to the juice of the young coconut. Also,people with nut allergies or kidney issues should consult a doctor before drinking coconut water. If you don’t have issues like these 2, well drink up. This is good stuff.