Being on vacation means that the other areas of your life actually have to bear with your absence. Friends may be pissed, loved ones may be anxious to see you, and your boss may not be too happy that you look the leave in the middle of a work crisis. A good way to make up for the lost time and make peace with friends whom you have ditched while you were gone is to give them souvenirs. A no-fail pleaser is food so anything edible that you can present as evidence that you were in fact miles away should be worth buying. Here are our best picks for edible Koh Samui souvenirs.

Rice Crackers

Crunchy, a bit messy, with a nice toasted flavor, Thai rice crackers are comparable to biscuits but can be as addictive as chips. Because rice is a common grain in Thailand, you can bet that local folks know how to create different recipes with it as the base. Local rice crackers can be sweet or savory. They can also come in a variety of colors. Some are even flavored. Visit the supermarkets, night markets, and souvenir shops. You will find rice crackers for sure.

Bento Squid

For your snackaholic friends and coworkers, you might want to consider Bento Squid. This is a popular local treat that has a distinct seafood taste. This is so flavorful and a little spicy. If you like it hot, the orange variant is for you. For those who like it mild, give the blue one. Bento Snack can be eaten anytime of the day and is great to stash in your work drawer in case you need to eat something quick without the mess.

Durian Chips

Fresh ripe durian is not for the faint of heart. It is known for its strong exotic aroma and many are actually scared to taste it. Surprisingly, durian chips have a universal appeal. Even those who are not that adventurous when it comes to food are taking a liking to it quite easily. Give a bag to your mom or your grandparents. Heck, give some to your coworkers and watch them rave about it as they finish the bag.

Instant Thai Milk Tea

Thai milk tea is actually like a sweet latte, with just a distinct Asian flavor. For sure you will have many glasses of this beverage on your trip to Koh Samui and if you want to recapture the experience at home or give your friends a little taste of your enviable vacation, buy bags of instant Thai iced tea. A little word of advice: Buy a lot. You will miss this drink when you get home.

Thai Honey

Honey is a nice souvenir because it always taste different depending on where it was made. Thai honey is good and you can get it for a decent price. Buy several jars to sweeten your tea and to give away to your colleagues.

Thai Spices and Herbs

Thai dishes taste the way they do because of the ingredients used in making them. Bring home some Thai flavors with dried local herbs and spices. You can buy dried lemongrass, chili, turmeric, and many others. While they are not as stellar as they are when fresh, they are still pretty good and potent.

Thai Curry Mixes

If you have taken Thai cooking lessons, you know just how laborious it is to make curries from scratch. Luckily, there are plenty of pre-made curries you can buy in jars and packs. Buy some for your pantry and for your buddy who love too cook.

Milk Candy

Sweets like candies hit the spot when it comes to food gifts. Royal Chitralada Milk Candy is a famous local treat and is actually part of a project initiated by Thai Royalty. Kids and adults will love this so be sure to buy enough.

Dried Mangoes

An exotic sweet delicacy that will easily win the heart of many is dried mangoes. If your friends won’t talk to you because you’ve been away for too long, give them a bag of dried mangoes as a means of truce. They won’t be able to resist.

Instant Noodles

Only an alien will say no to instant noodles so if you are looking for something to bring home as present to your family and friends, local instant noodles might be a good candidate. There are so many varieties to choose from. There’s seafood, green curry, spicy shrimp, chicken, and so much more. The plus is that they are so affordable and easy to find.

Tamarind Candy

A little sweet, a bit tangy, and sometimes spicy, tamarind candy sure tastes different but is nonetheless interesting. Because of its interesting flavor profile, tamarind candy is usually favored by pregnant women. If one of your friends is expecting, give her tamarind candies. She might feel so much better.

Flavored Nuts

You can find flavored nuts at the supermarkets called Koh-Kae. This is a known local brand and has been around for decades. For those who like it hot, try their wasabi coated peanuts. They are delish. If you know you’ll get a mouthful from your coworkers because of your extended leave, hand them a jar of Koh Kae peanuts and not a word will leave their mouths for a little while.

Rambutan Jam

Jams are another winner when it comes to edible gifts. You can find a wide selection of local jams in Koh Samui. A unique one is the rambutan jam. Rambutan is a locally produced fruit that is very sweet and juicy. The jam is just as sweet and makes a nice topping for crackers and pancakes. You can also try the coconut jam, it is very tropical and has this incredible taste.

Coconut Snacks

The locals are crazy about coconut and this is obvious because you can see coconut almost everywhere. It is used as an ingredient for almost everything. Buy coconut jam, coconut waffles, coconut chips, coconut cookies, and coconut candies. Everyone will love them.

Thai Lay’s Chips

While you can find Lay’s chips almost anywhere in the world, your friends back home will be happy to know that there is more to these chips than the usual salted and sour cream flavors. Thai Lay’s chips will amaze them with flavors like sweet basil, spicy seafood, and river shrimp. Give them some of these and they will never look at Lay’s potato chips the same way again.