Wellness is among the goals of people who come to visit Koh Samui. A highly respected spa center you can consider if you need a therapeutic spa session is Magnolia Koh Spa. This is actually not just any spa. It has a fitness studio and a popular cafe too.


Famous for its Dead Sea skin treatments and products, Magnolia Spa has earned the reputation of being one of Koh Samui’s best. This relaxing sanctuary is where you can head to if you want to clear your head and indulge in a number of pampering indulgences from head to toe. Fusing together traditional Thai and Indonesian accents, subdued colors and comfortable furnishings, you will feel right at home here and will leave feeling rejuvenated. Here you can get as many treatments as you would like since the prices are easy on the pocket.

What we love about the Magnolia Spa is that they have an impressive variety when it comes to massages. You can try their hot stone massage, which is ideal for those who feel tension in their muscles and are physically exhausted. This uses special smooth basalt stones that are heated to a desirable temperature to boost the benefits of the therapeutic touch. Their harmony massage is also a must try. This works in dispelling negative energy and promoting balance for both mind and body. For guests who would like to experience an ancient Thai massage, we suggest you go for the Thai Herbal Ball. This traces its history back to the Ayutthaya Period and is very effective in eliminating tension.

Aside from the massages, you can also test some of their skincare and beautifying treatments. Their Facial Aromatherapy Massage and Mask is effective in wiping off the stress from your face and giving your complexion a refreshed look. Those who have overdone it with the sunbathing should not miss out on the Sun Care Body Treatment. This is specifically created to soothe sunburnt skin and help it heal faster. It gets rid of the redness and the pain commonly associated with over sun exposure.

Dead sea skin treatments are often availed at the Magnolia Spa. Dead sea products are known for their healing properties and contain precious minerals that nourish the skin. We love everything from the line especially the Dead Sea Exfoliating Mud Mask. This is a gentle way to get rid of dead skin cells and tired old skin. However, we find dead skin indulgences more effective when you combine them together. In this case, we suggest you go for their packages. The Total Mineral Package gives great value for money as you will get to experience the Dead Sea scrub and the Dead Sea mask.

The spa also has other packages other than the Dead Sea line. One particular offer you should avail of is the Soul to Sole. This combines their deep tissue massage with their ultimate foot massage so it really is a good form of relaxation. The house also offers nail services so if you need a French Tip or you want a bolder nail color for your holiday, you can stop by.


If you are like most people who want to chow after a good yoga session or a relaxing massage, Magnolia Samui has its own cafe where you can chill with a cup of coffee and  a snack. Having a craving for cakes? The cafe is famous for its mouth watering cakes so whether you just want to have a slice of your favorite or you need a whole cake for an event, you can have that here. Their Cranberry Cheesecake is awesome! Oh and don’t stop there. Also try their Coconut Cheesecake (this is a show stopper!) and their Almond Pie. Actually their cakes are so yummy even their Plain Cheesecake tastes like heaven. Don’t worry, every calorie you eat will be worth it.

This dining place is a bit eclectic in theme but it is a cozy nook nonetheless. It has comfortable chairs and ceiling accents, creating a charming environment where you can eat and bond with friends. This is a kid friendly place too so if you plan to bring your little one, for sure they will love it here since Magnolia also serves food children find appealing such as burgers, meatballs, and pizza. There have good portion sizes too so you won’t leave feeling shortchanged.

There are actually 2 menus: a Mediterranean and a Thai menu. Magnolia has an excellent selection, offering flavors of the East and West. We are fans of their Mediterranean salads. Our pick is the Nicoise Salad that has veggies, tuna, egg, potatoes, onions, olives, and a yummy mayo-mustard dressing. Their very unique Wally Salad, named after the genius chef who created it is also to die for. This has veggies, nuts, dried fruit, and apples. Oh and it has cheese too. It sounds all over the place, but trust us. It tastes great. They also serve delicious pancakes that you can top with chocolate and banana, fresh fruit, or honey and cinnamon. If you want something filling as a post workout treat, you can go for their quiche or you can make your own sandwich using your favorite ingredients. Yes, they will happily put it together (if they have the ingredients) and price it for you. This is perfect if you like specific things on your food.

The Thai Menu is equally exciting. They serve popular local dishes such as Massaman curry, Pad Thai, and Tom Yam. If you want a twist on your usual Thai food, order their Tom Yam Spaghetti or their Green Curry Spaghetti. Both are surprisingly interesting.

For an instant heat beater, be sure to get one of their shakes. One thing that stood out is the coconut shake. This goes well with most things on the menu. If you want some caffeine buzz, their iced latte is pretty good too.

Magnolia Spa Samui

Address: 21 / 22 Moo 2 | North Chaweng, Chaweng, Bophut, Ko Samui 84320, Thailand
Phone: 006677601133