Koh Samui Thailand is a versatile destination. In this gorgeous tropical haven, you are guaranteed to have a great time whether you are honeymooners, lone travellers, business tourists, or are on your vacation with the kids. For a guaranteed fun day with the whole family, these are some ideas you may try.

Samui Water Park Pink Elephant

Open from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm daily, this fun park in Maenam will put a smile on your children’s faces. This has everything you look for in a water park—giant slides, wave pool, and jacuzzi. It is a hit for guests of all ages and is an ideal venue for children to play and get a good dose of sunshine. Compared to open beaches, a secured highly controlled area such as Pink Elephant will give you some peace of mind while the little ones get a blast.

Pink Elephant is spacious, with high quality amenities, and a restaurant where you can get snacks and coolers. They have promos from time to time that you can take advantage of to get amazing discounts. They also have a one year pass for kids and adults which we love since it translates to even more savings. If you are planning to frequent this place, make sure to avail of that bargain. They also have a family promo for 2 kids and 2 adults which is priced at 3220 Baht. Buy tickets online and pay even less.

Samui Go-Kart

To satisfy your needs for speed without putting yourself at risk, you may want to drive at Samui Go-Kart. The rides are suitable for guests 10 years old and above. If you have kids below 10, you can still take them for a ride using a double kart. This place is so much fun and is one of the many interesting family activities in Koh Samui. Situated in Bophut, you can find this on the Samui Ring Road.

Coco Splash Adventure & Waterpark

This is another wholesome family place in Koh Samui and is located in Lamai, near the beach. The property boasts giant slides and kiddie pools which is why children actually love spending hours here. The park is pretty much straightforward and although it is not as big as other leisure parks on the island, people keep coming back because of its fun youthful atmosphere.

The park’s restaurant, O’Plato serves delicious treats. Even if your kids are picky when it comes to food, they will love the comfort foods being served here such as burger and fries, tropical smoothies, spaghetti, and so much more. One of the dishes we really liked is the paella. The rice is cooked perfectly and is spiced just right. The seafood used are also very fresh and flavorful.

Siva Tara Waterfall

Another excellent venue for a family day out in Koh Samui is Siva Tara Waterfall. This is a beautiful spot that overlooks Lamai Bay. It is famous for its tropical garden and its fish spa. It also boasts amazing rock formations and a nice charming terrace where you can take photos.

Maenam Beach

Probably one of the most family friendly beaches in Koh Samui is Maenam. Compared to other beaches, the waves here are gentler and safer. In addition, the area is relatively more peaceful but still accessible to essential establishments such as hotels, resorts, and snack bars.

Smiley Cook Thai Cooking Class

It is nice to introduce kids to the kitchen at a young age and cultivate their interest in cooking and great tasting food. In fact, the best chefs learn early in life. Smiley Cook Thai Cooking Class caters to both kids and adults.

The best part is that they offer market tours where you can get to know the ingredients first hand. This will make it easier for you to replicate the dishes at home. The classes are small, which means the instructors can teach you more closely. Also the venue is set in the garden so the mood is very amicable and refreshing. Among the things you can learn to cook are Panang curry, ginger pork, and chicken cashews. Papaya salad, beef salad, and pad Thai are also included in the menu.

Central Festival

If your kids are easy to please, you can’t go wrong with some good old mall tour. The weather in Thailand can be unpredictable and this is true in Samui. Rainy days won’t allow your family to play at the beach or go on a walking tour. However, you still can enjoy your day by stopping by Central Festival.

The mall is designed for the tropics with its open design and spacious walkways. Your little ones will have plenty of room to roam around and with the many stalls and boutiques available, you will undoubtedly love to shop, eat, and explore. Central Festival Samui can be accessed from the Beach Road in Chaweng.

There are a number of cafes within the vicinity including a Starbucks. Familiar dining places such as KFC, Haagen Dazs, and Mister Donut are also present.

Simple activities become fun here because of the ambience. You can admire the view from the terrace, take lazy strolls from boutique to boutique, and restaurant hop if you are in the mood for a food trip. For cheap thrills, you should try some of the snacks sold at the food stalls. The Food Park sells many kinds of meals and snacks. Fresh fruits can be bought here as well as noodle dishes, rice dishes, savory rice buns, pastries, and a whole lot more. The curries are addictive, especially with rice. Also, there are many kinds of cake and baked goods available. We absolutely love both the orange cake and chocolate cake.

Kids will have a memorable playtime at the Pirates of Marioland for sure. Here there are photo booths, arcade games and machine that dispenses toys for them to take home.

Children of all ages will love it at Koh Samui. Try any of these family friendly venues for a vacation they will never forget.