Koh Samui offers so many options in terms of culinary delights. There is an abundance of Thai food and an  excellent array of Eastern and Western cuisines. Sometimes, you just need to have a good steak though: nicely charred, cooked medium well (or however you want it), and moist juicy meat that just melts into your mouth. Don’t forget the sides too: be it fries, coleslaw, or corn on the cob, a steak is always better with a decent serving of yummy side dish. If you need to have your steak fill ASAP, a good place you must think about visiting is The Seaside Steakhouse. This is a hidden gem in the Fisherman’s Village and if grilled meat sets you off, you’ll love it here.

Nice Location and Modern Interiors

The Seaside Steakhouse is the type of restaurant one would easily like. The setting is amazing—overlooking the beach and featuring the best of Bophut. The ambience is quiet and casual, with relaxing al fresco seats as well as intimate dining areas inside. The interiors feature a lot of wood, which complements the menu in a way. The Seaside Steakhouse is perfect for a meal among friends or a nice celebratory meal for the whole family.

Outstanding Menu

The Seaside Steakhouse takes pride in its diverse menu. Understandably, most people come here for the beef. However, they have all sorts of meat too. They serve chicken, seafood, pork, lamb, and salmon so everyone can find something they can enjoy. They have a number of good appetizers, salads, Mexican food, and of course steaks. The place also serves local spirits as well as imported beers. Their cocktails are getting raves too and they have a lot of classic and novel mixes for their diners. If you have a thing for Western style comfort foods and are looking for a nice break from Thai flavors, you should visit this place soon.

Superb Mains and Burgers

The Seaside Steakhouse is a den for meat lovers. Their beef is direct from Australia so you can be sure of the taste and quality. A stunner is the Black Angus Striploin. This is cooked just the way you like it and has satisfying bite and beautiful grill marks. Another winner is the T-Bone steak. This has a bit of resistance but the beefy taste is undeniably good. If you are not a beef person, you can go for their duck breast, lamb chops, or the spare ribs. These are all very good and are served with corn on the cob and salad, as well as a choice of fries, rice, or baked potato.

For fish and seafood lovers, try the red tuna steak. This is superb and a good option if you want something lighter yet satisfying.

Burger lovers will be surely pleased with the house’s burger menu. They have a vegetarian burger as well as a fish burger for those who don’t eat meat. If you are a hardcore fan though, don’t miss out on the Seaside King Burger. This has 3 floors of beef, 3 floors of bacon, and 3 floors of cheddar. How can you say no? For the kids, try the chicken burger. It is delicious and universally appealing, even for picky eaters. Their burgers are served with French fries and coleslaw.

For the best bang for your baht, opt for their set menu. The sets are for two people. You can mix and match or have multiple orders of a particular set. The Menu Tex is highly recommended. This has tenderloin, spare ribs, and lanyards chicken. If you are a beef fan, go for the Beef Trio. This features rib eye, tenderloin, and Angus Striploin. The sets come with special sauces and plenty of sides.

Mexican Food

Mexican cuisine has plenty to offer when it comes to comfort food. The interesting mix of colors, textures, and spices makes it among the best in the world. The Seaside Steakhouse Samui serves an excellent menu of Mexican food. Cheeselovers must try the quesadilla. A joy to eat yet incredibly filling, this is a no fail dish anyone will enjoy. The vegetarian quesadilla though has zero meat is immensely tasty. Of course, we also love the chicken quesadilla. You can’t go wrong with that one. Many diners rave about the house’s chili con carne. We can’t blame them since it is very good indeed–oozing with flavor since it is slow cooked just like in the old times. Their fajitas are also worth trying. Try the duck fajita with extra guacamole. It is superb! If you need something crunchy, go for their tacos or nachos. Both are delicious and are flavored perfectly.

Kid’s Menu and Dessert

If you are eating with your little ones, don’t worry. The grill house has a kid’s menu. For sure your tots will love their food. After your meal, be sure to try something sweet. The restaurant’s desserts are so great it would be a crime to leave without trying at least one. They have yummy ice creams with really nice flavors. We love the salted caramel. Their Ferrero Rocher is also awesome. If you want a twist on your ice cream, try the After Eight. This has mint and chocolate. It tastes so good! They also have sorbets which are perfect for those who want to cool down with something lighter. Their cakes are worth a shot too. A winner in our books is the cheesecake. Be sure to order that one.


You can select from a wide variety of drinks here at the Seaside Steakhouse. They have beers, sodas, juices, shakes and cocktails. Some really good ones are Long Island Ice Tea (truly refreshing) and mango shake. This goes well with their steaks.

We love the restaurant because they serve quality steaks and comfort food at a reasonable price. They are not the cheapest on the island but you certainly get your money’s worth bite after bite.

The Seaside Steakhouse

Address: Fishermans village | 54/2 Moo 1 Bophut, Bophut, Ko Samui 84320, Thailand

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