There are many restaurants worth visiting in Koh Samui. If you happen to be at The Wharf, a lovely restaurant you can try is Bar Baguette. This is actually one of the most fabulous cafes on the island. It has a beautiful location, right by the beach. Here you can dine al fresco and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. It is a nice spot to chill after a nice swim or it can actually be a good excuse to skip the swim if you don’t feel like getting wet. The ambience is very laid-back, with wooden tables and chairs and an open layout to make the most of the scenery.

The menu at Bar Baguette is eclectic, with the right mix of comfort foods, pastries, cocktails, and local dishes. Its wide selection of familiar food items like burgers, cakes, salads, and pastas is one reason why it is a hit among families. Kids will have an amazing time here and even the pickiest of eaters will find one to enjoy.

Start the day right at Bar Baguette.

If you love crusty bread and an invigorating cup of coffee for breakfast, you have a reason to visit this cafe. As the name implies, the place has created many uses for its quality French bread (try it with curry!) Here you can have a simple eggs on toasts, smoked salmon bruschetta, and bacon and French toast for breakfast. You can also opt for a cappuccino and one or two of their yummy flaky savory pastries (we recommend the croque Monsier). Oh and if you want a lighter but yummy breakfast, try their granola honey yogurt. Pancakes and grains are also present on the menu. Of course if you only want fruits for breakfast, they have a fruit platter too.

Their beautifully presented coffees will put a smile on your face. It can’t hurt that they taste great too. They have espresso, latte, Americano, cappuccino, mocha, and a bunch of signature coffee based beverages. A couple of suggestions are the sunshine honey coffee and their Bailey’s espresso. Both are superb. Their hot coffees are served with a biscuit for an even better experience. If you want a dose of caffeine but need something cold, try their cold brew coffee. This is served over ice and is so refreshing especially with Samui’s weather. Their Irish coffee is equally nice too.

Thai Dishes and Comfort Foods

When you have a big group, it is a bit challenging to find a dining place that everyone will be happy with. Most likely, you will be divided. Some will want to have burgers, others want Thai food, your kids might want a sandwich or pasta. At Bar Baguette, your dilemma will be solved. The cafe has a good selection of Thai food and Western favorites, so ultimately, everyone win. We love their spring rolls, chicken satay, fish & chips and Beef Panang curry with baguette. Bar Baguette also serves different pasta dishes. Their Bolognese pasta tastes so good and is a safe choice for kids.

Desserts and Pastries

Cake fans and those who can’t get enough of European style pastries will love it here. Apart from the croissants and Danish pastries, Bar Baguette also makes cinnamon rolls, fruit tarts, and an assortment of cakes and baked goods. Have a taste of their chocolate cake. It is moist, rich, and satisfying. We have never tasted chocolate cake of this calibre in a long time. Their blueberry cheesecake is also amazing in its simplicity. Another tasty cake is the carrot cake. It tastes even better with a cup of cappuccino.

Others we love from the dessert menu are the passion fruit mousse, lemon cheesecake (must try!), and creme brulee. If you still need more sweets, then don’t miss out on their apple crumble. This tastes good with espresso.

Drinks and Cocktails

While Bar Baguette is basically known for their coffee, they have other refreshments too. They offer healthy cold pressed juices for those who want natural, nutrient rich drinks. A unique drink that is ideal for the tropics is the mango passion fruit basil. It is fruity and a bit herbal. It is a good afternoon refresher. We also tried the lime mint crush and it is mighty impressive.

They have novel cocktails too that you may want to explore. Norah Jones is a yummy concoction of vermouth, honey and berries, and is served with a piece of bacon. Sweet Nothing is a nice drink too and has vanilla vodka, cointreau, fresh lychee, and fresh lime juice.

Well loved Thai drinks are available here. They have the yummiest Thai iced coffee and Thai iced tea. Don’t miss out on those.

Healthy Eating

The great thing about dining at Bar Baguette is that they have plenty of “clean”options. They have a selection of salads and other vegetarian dishes. Also they have light and low calorie meals for people who are watching their weight.

Unique Presentation

Every plate that comes out of the kitchen is camera worthy. If you love updating your social media accounts about your food adventures in Koh Samui, you will love it at Bar Baguette since almost everything they serve looks gorgeous.


After dining at Bar Baguette, you may want to look at their items for sale that you can take home with you. They have breadsticks, baguettes, cookies, and other baked stuff. You can even stock up croissants and pastries so you’ll have a snack when you return to your hotel or villa.

Service, Price, Ambiance, and Family Appeal

Bar Baguette has many delightful reasons to lure you in as a diner. Its idyllic location makes it a romantic setting for honeymooners and at the same time, it is also very casual and inviting that it works for families too. Service is excellent and the price is affordable compared to similar dining niches.

Bar Baguette Restaurant
Open: 7am-11pm
Address: The Wharf Samui, Bophut, Ko Samui 84320, Thailand