Burgers. Most people drool just thinking about them. Anyone that says he doesn’t like burgers must be tripping. Because how can you not like a sandwich that is oozing with meaty goodness and all the best stuff on earth like cheese and bacon? With a fast food charm and universal appeal, burgers are loved by people of all ages and has managed to conquer every continent on the planet with its deliciousness. Since they have the perfect combination of carbs, meat, and fat, burgers are ideal comfort food that you can customize to your own taste and dress up with condiments that you prefer. It doesn’t matter if you are an average pedestrian or a billionaire, we all have a soft spot for this food. The good news is that you won’t have to miss out on the tasty magic of hamburgers when in Koh Samui. Here are some great venues for your burger cravings.


Operating hours: 12pm to 11pm
Address: Infront of Ozo Chaweng Samui Hotel | Chaweng Beach, Chaweng, Bophut, Ko Samui 84140, Thailand
Phone: 66 77 915 222
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Another recommended diner in Koh Samui where you can max your daily calorie allowance for a burger is Stacked. This is a comfort food den that will surely satisfy all your cravings for fatty, savory, crunchy, and sweet. What we love about Stacked is that they have classic offerings but at the same time managed to add in a few surprises on the menu.

A nice treat from the house who want to enjoy the good taste of burger without being too messy is the slider. This is a sampler set that allows you to try four different variants from Stacked. There’s Candied Bacon & Manchego (awesome by the way!), Cheddar & Bacon, BBQ Sauce & Jalapeno, and Beetroot & Blue Cheese. Some of the flavors sound unusual but they are yummy and worth a try.

Their burgers are mighty special because of the patties. They are a mix of Wagyu and Angus beef, so they are tasty, meaty, and just pure protein goodness. Also their burgers come with a choice of side. You can opt for waffle, French fries, or onion rings. You can also make your order extra sinful by adding another patty. Among their collection, we love the Stacked. This has double beef, double bacon, double salad, double cheddar, and only one bun. This is the ultimate burger. It is genius! We also have taken a liking to Drive-in. This is true Mexican delight since it has jalapenos, chili con carne, and special Stacked sauce. It is classic Southern American comfort in every bite. Vegans will love their Save a Cow. This is meatless and has eggplant, zucchini, bell peppers, mozzarella, tomato, lettuce, onion, and a nice garlic-based dressing. It is surprisingly good and even if you are not a vegetarian, you will appreciate it for sure.

Phat Burger Koh Samui

Open: 5-11pm
Address: Chaweng Beach Road | 102 Moo 2 Marat, Chaweng, Bo Phut, Ko Samui 84320, Thailand

Phat Burger Koh Samui makes some of the best burgers in Thailand that to eat just one is never enough. This is without a doubt the most popular burger joint in Koh Samui, some even comparing their food to a number of the biggest fast food brands’ offerings. If you are homesick and you miss your beloved comfort foods such as onion rings and fries, this place will make you extremely happy. Their burgers are big, loaded, freshly made, and over the top delicious. They are famous for their dirty fries (not what it sounds like). This will make your hands dirty because of the toppings of bacon and cheese. It tastes amazing and goes so well with any of their hamburgers.

Probably the secret to Phat Burger’s success is the consistent quality of their products. They don’t skimp on ingredients and they only use top notch meat for all their variants. The buns they use are high quality and big—which is needed to get all those patties and add-ons covered. Every bite of their burgers is immensely satisfying that you will truly respect the brand even though they only sell in small booths.

We can’t get enough of the food from Phat Burger and it is so hard to pick favorites. However, we will recommend The Samui burger. This has a meaty beef patty with egg, tomatoes, onions, bacon, lettuce, and a sweet pineapple ring. It is filled with the good stuff every classic burger should have but the pineapple is a welcome tropical addition. Those who don’t eat meat shouldn’t worry since they also have a veggie burger. A special patty made from corn, peas, and carrots makes this incredibly filling and tasty you won’t miss the meat. It also has fresh toppings of onions, lettuce, and tomato. A generous amount of sweet chili sauce rounds up the flavors together, making this burger a winner among vegans. For those who are watching their carbs, try the skinny kid. This has lettuce leaves for buns so you are eating all the burger goodness for less calories.

They have dirty fries, filthy fries, onion rings, and wings as well so your burger of choice will have a tasty side dish. Overall, we love this place and it is just nice that you can find them in multiple locations in Koh Samui.

The Shack Bar & Grill

Open: 5:30-10:30 pm
Address: 88/3 Moo 1  Fisherman’s Village, Bophut, Ko Samui 84320, Thailand
Phone: 00 66 87 264 6994

We hope you come at The Shack hungry because they serve really good food in amazingly huge portions. This is actually a grill house and is popular for their steak and ribs. What some people don’t know is that they also serve delicious burgers. Their All American burger is really good with an all meat, moist, perfectly chargrilled patty. The hamburger comes with a side of coleslaw and fries.

People actually frequent this place for the steaks more than the burgers but this is still a good venue to eat lots, drink with friends, and just have yummy barbecued food.

Happy burger hunting!