A stunning archipelago of 42 islands, Angthong National Marine Park remains to be a notable Koh Samui attraction and is a highly recommended place to visit whether you love nature, have a taste for adventure or are simply looking for a day trip setting where there are plenty of sights to see and exciting things to do. Located on the Gulf of Thailand, on the west of Koh Samui, here you can have a day well spent for about 300 baht. Kids’ entrance fee is 150 baht.


For guests who wish to stay at the park, you may choose to spend the night at the camping site where you can rent tents to sleep in. Or a more comfortable choice would be to stay in one of the available lodgings (bungalow style). A restaurant is on site so there is no need to worry about your meals and snacks. They serve delicious meals for 100 to 120 baht. If you are trying to cut down your food cost, they have vegetable fried rice for 60 baht—a cheap but filling meal that will keep your tummy happy for hours. There is internet access available on the restaurant as well as on the main island (Koh Wua Talap). In terms of electricity, it is only available for a period of time—from 6pm til 10pm. You may bring solar powered charges though, if you wish.


With over 40 islands, it would take weeks to completely tour the entire marine park. Even if you don’t have the luxury of time to see every nook and cranny, this place will fill your eyes and senses with beautiful memories what with its naturally breathtaking scenery. You need not go to the farthest end to see raw nature beauty. This is a true paradise with clear waters, lush jungles, and unique limestone cliffs. It is abundant in natural resources and is a protected area. The Angthong National Marine Park is a home to some of the rarest species on the planet such as langurs, herons, sea eagles, sea turtles, and cute otters. There are lizards, iguanas, bats, sandpiper, and Southern pied hornbill too.

If you are a nature enthusiast or you want to be in a place where it is just about the elements, you can’t miss a day tour of this place. Angthong National Marine Park is also a poetic forest dream, with 4 types of forest that can be seen in the park.


With a rich aquatic life at the park, snorkeling is without a doubt a popular activity on site. The world underwater is something you need to experience at least once and here, you will have a blast. The waters of the park reveals a paradise underneath—a world of fishes, colorful corals, and other unique marine creatures such as stingray, parrotfish, mackerel, oysters, and so much more.

A snorkeling tour will take you to the deep rich waters of Koh Samui and allow you to have a peaceful moment to yourself, with no interruptions. During your tour, it’s just you, the water, and the colorful world of the local marine life.

Hike All The Way to The Viewpoint

If you have the energy for it, you can also go hiking at the park. This is another popular activity here. The climb takes about an hour which is nearly a half kilometer distance. Once you get to the top, jaw dropping vistas are waiting for you. You can practically see magic all the way from there—the sky, the sea, and the lovely islands dotting the waters. The path is not exactly an easy one and to have a better climb, hikers need to wear shoes with good coverage and traction.


Kayaking at Angthong National Park is a must try. Here you can go from island after island and explore the hidden depths of this marine ecosystem. See the lagoons, go in and out of the mysterious caves, admire the limestone formations, or simply bask in the natural scenery. The Emerald Lake is something to look forward to when you go kayaking. Known for its unique green waters, it was featured in the movie, The Beach. More information about Koh Samui watersports here.


For those who badly need to unwind and escape their fast paced life, you may choose to go camping at the park. The Wua Talap island is the site for this. This island is stunning, with fine white sand, clear waters and breathtaking views. They have tents for rent, as well as torches, sleeping bags, and mosquito nets. Here you can get to be with nature, unplug from social media, and just bond with friends and family the old fashioned way—by simply enjoying their company without distractions.

Day Trip Tips

Book your tour from a reputable company.

To get the most of your trip, look for a tour company with a good rating, preferably with an English speaking tour guide. Most companies include lunch on their day trip packages as well as hotel transfers and insurance.

Dress accordingly.

Wear comfortable clothes and have swimwear ready. Also wear appropriate shoes particularly if you will go hiking.

Wear enough sunblock.

You will be under the mercy of a hot Koh Samui sun and the water will amplify the glare like nobody’s business. Some tourists have experienced serious sunburn while spending a few hours at the park. Wear enough sunscreen to be sure. You don’t want to go back to your hotel with red cheeks and nose.

Never provoke the animals.

You may see different species on your trip to Angthong National Marine Park. Observe but do not touch the animals. The park is their habitat so behave accordingly.

Take time to appreciate the sights.

You may be tempted to do a lot of activities while inside but before anything else, take a few moments to breathe and appreciate the beauty all around you. How often do you see unspoilt nature? Not all the time we bet. So savor the moment and take beautiful pictures.

Stay hydrated

Make sure you drink enough water and other fluids. If you will be exploring the park late morning till afternoon,you can become dehydrated due to the heat of the sun. Make sure you are drinking enough.

Angthong National Marine Park is a glorious Koh Samui attraction you don’t want to miss. Start looking for day tour packages online and get a chance to see a lovely paradise in Thailand.