The tropical Samui weather will have you craving for cool refreshments. The island will delight you with its yummy tropical smoothies and shaved ice desserts. Although they taste good, sometimes they just don’t cut it. You realize you want ice cream. Suddenly you are dreaming of digging into a tub of rocky road, Neopolitan, or maybe salted caramel or butter pecan. Or maybe you just want a classic hot fudge sundae or perhaps a huge serving of banana split. So where do you run to get your ice cream fix in Koh Samui? Check these out.

Leonardo Ice Cream

Address: 137/2 Moo 4 Maret Maine Road, Ko Samui 84310, Thailand
Phone:+ 66 92 847 7385

Leonardo Gelateria Italiana was established in 1974 and is without a doubt the most popular ice cream joint in Koh Samui. They serve both conventional ice creams and sorbets and their menu combines classic flavors with rare creations. The owner has immense passion for his craft and concocts yummy ice cream from scratch, using the best ingredients both from here and abroad. Their sorbets are sugar free so you can eat as much of your favorite as you like without guilt. The items on the menu are made the traditional way so the texture is excellent and the taste is beyond amazing.

For the ice cream, our best bet is the caramel with salt butter. This is pure caramel goodness with just the right sweetness. The salt makes it more interesting and addictive. We also love the rhum raisin. This is creamy, slightly fruity, with a punch. Also we can’t get enough of the durian ice cream. This is very Asian and one of the tastiest ice cream flavors we have ever tasted. Durian is an acquired taste and if you haven’t tried it yet, this ice cream will make your first experience with the King of Fruits truly memorable. An unusual flavor is the black chocolate with chili. This is very Mexican and a really sexy flavor for a cool dessert.

The sorbets at Leonardo Ice Cream are also impressive. We are partial to the coconut sorbet as it is sweet and refreshing at the same time. It also is perfect to punctuate your tropical holiday with. We also love the litchi sorbet. It is lusciously fruity and fragrant. We just can’t stop eating it!

Rossini Ice Cream

Address: 127/14, Main Road – Lamai, Samui, 84310, Thailand
Phone: 077332630

Creating delectable ice cream since 1992, Rossini Ice Cream is among the most trusted brands when it comes to creamy coolers. Made without preservatives and with only the freshest fruits and high quality ingredients, each spoonful of their chilled products will get you hooked for sure. Serving both ice creams and sorbets, you have plenty of options to choose from their portfolio.

Rossini is highly talked about because not only do they have traditional flavors like chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla, they also come up with exotic flavors like black tea & rose, cardamome, balsamico, and jasmine flower.

Their sorbets are so luscious and tease the taste buds with their sweetness and tang. Cocktail lovers should try the Bloody Mary sorbet. This is oozing in tomato goodness and the kick of vodka. A very unique creation is their tamarind sorbet. This is beautifully sour, kind of licorice-y and sweet. We love, love it! A berry based treat is the blackcurrant sorbet. It is so delicious.

We are hard pressed to find a favorite flavor of ice cream from them as everything is promising. A heavenly treat is the Oreo Mint. Creamy, slightly chocolatey, and incredibly minty. It is so refreshing! We also love the Balsamico. The goodness of fresh strawberries and the grapey sourness of balsamic vinegar add a gourmet touch to ordinary ice cream. We truly admire the daring combination of sweet and herbs of Organic Honey and Thyme. It is a weird concept but it works. A floral ice cream that you must try is the Lavender. This is a gorgeous purple creation blending creamy vanilla and fragrant lavender flowers. Of course we also like the almondy taste of Amaretto. We could go on and on. It’s just so hard to find one love at Rossini’s.


Address: Bophut 13/1 84320 Muang Samui – Samui, Ko Samui, Thailand
Phone: 077-4297

A bit on the pricey end of the ice cream spectrum, Movenpick brings the art of Swiss ice cream on your holiday. We are crazy about their Caramelita. This is for die hard caramel fans. It tastes rich and unlike any other caramel ice cream you have tasted. Their Vanilla Dream is also a stunner. It is blissfully pure vanilla goodness. It tastes amazing on its own or with any topping. Of course, it wouldn’t be Swiss without the goodie Swiss Chocolate. Decadent, creamy, and gorgeously chocolatey to the last drop.


Address: Central Plaza Surat Thani, Surat Thani 84000, Thailand

Another recommended place to get your ice cream fix is at Swensens. They serve ice cream in huge portions with colorful and amazing toppings like nuts, fudge, fruits, sprinkles, marshmallows etc.

A well loved flavor at Swensens is the Chocolate Chip. This is a classic vanilla based ice cream with chewy chunks of chocolate chips. We also love their Strawberry Cheesecake. Creamy, berryish, and with a hint of cream cheese. It is pure pleasure in every cup. An invigorating flavor is the Turkish coffee. This is a great breakfast ice cream or something to pick you up when you feel sleepy after a heavy meal. We also like the Thin Mint. Who can possibly go wrong with the refreshing taste of peppermint and chocolate? A very tropical choice is the Cantaloupe. Sweet, fruity, luscious. One order isn’t enough. For sure kids will love the classic peanut butter fudge, while candy lovers will be hooked on their bubblegum flavor.

Swensens also has a sorbet and sherbet menu. The mango sorbet is a sweet fruity treat that is very Thai. A variation is the mango yogurt sherbet which is slightly sour and creamier. The Lemon sherbet is very fresh and light, perfect for Samui’s weather. Swensens also is known for their quality cakes. Their Chocolate Cookies and Cream cake is a hit all year round.