Learning how to cook Thai dishes remains to be a popular activity in Koh Samui. There are a number of formal culinary institutions on the island where you can take a professional cooking course. But for those who only want short courses and prefer a homestyle setting, Apple’s Home Cookery School is worth checking out. This is located in Maenam and offers lectures in small groups at a homey, relaxed atmosphere. The specialty of this school is Thai food but it also offers lessons on vegetarian and healthy cooking. They also have a Japanese cooking class where you can learn to make sushi and a bit of artistic Japanese style plating.

The Chef

Apple Singsuk is a talented chef and instructor. She has been cooking for two decades and has a number of prestigious certificates to back up her natural skills. Her credentials are from the Royal Exquisite Thai Cooking School, Thai & International Food Technological College, and Sushi Secrets School. All these schools are located in Bangkok, adding to her expertise and finesse both with regards to food and interacting with her students.

Aside from spending time in the kitchen, she is also a Wat-Po Thai massage and yoga trainer. Her wellness practices resonates with her healthy recipes as well as vegetarian offerings.

About the Classes

Lessons at Apple’s happens Mondays through Fridays and fee starts at 2000 baht per person, depending on the chosen program and the number of participants who have booked the said course. Private lessons are also available if you want to learn solo. Every course is about 4 hours and the usual number of students per class is 2 to 4.

During the class, you will be able to have a hands on experience in preparing and cooking a number of popular Thai dishes. If there is plenty of time, Apple can include a dessert recipe or some lessons in fruit carving. Aside from the culinary lessons, you will also be given the recipes as well as plenty of tips. The kitchen where the cooking lectures are held is simplistic and very homey. It’s like a typical kitchen in Koh Samui.

The Menu

Traditional Thai recipes are some of Apple’s best. This course focuses on Thai dishes that are well loved for many decades. If you love classic Thai food, this is the class you should sign up for. Here you can know how to cook pad Thai (stir fried noodles with prawns), tom ka gai (chicken in coconut milk soup and galangal), tom yum gung nam sai (clear  spicy prawn soup), chicken green curry, chicken peanut curry, and sweet and sour pork with cucumber, tomato, and pineapple.

Apple’s Home Cookery School also has a course dedicated to Modern Thai Cuisine. These are refreshing interpretation of a number of classic local dishes. Discover how to make prawn curry with pineapple, green curry with sausage, roasted duck with red curry, chicken with cashews, pineapple fried rice with chicken, spaghetti with tuna, and prawn curry with pineapple. These dishes are amazing because they taste very Thai but are presented in new and exciting ways.

Fusion Thai dishes are also thought at Apple’s. These are essentially Thai favorites that are given a bit of Western flair in terms of ingredients and presentation. Among the things cooked in this program are chicken wrapped in pandan leaf with cashew nuts, deep fried fish fillet and green papaya salad, as well as stir fried noodles and green papaya egg rolls.

Because of her experience in health and wellness and being a yoga instructor, Apple is also on a mission to teach her students about healthy eating. Because of this she also has a special vegetarian course, for non meat eaters and people who just want to start a healthy lifestyle by eating less meat and including more vegetables in their meals. Chef Apple will teach you how to make spicy tofu salad with roasted rice, sauteed morning glory, sweet and sour tofu, Massaman curry with tofu, spicy soup with corn kernel and lemon basil, and spicy and sour clear soup (tom yam nam sai het).

Japanese food is also something you can learn at Apple’s Home Cookery School. If you are fond of sushi and sashimi and are amazed with how Japanese chefs plate their creations, the Japanese Essentials course is something you should also attend. Some of the recipes taught here are ton katsu, tofu soup, Japanese rice, temaki, salmon spicy roll, and sashimi. You can also learn how to make maki sushi, nigiri, onigiri, and umeboshi. If you are interested in making kimchi or Korean fermented vegetables, take this course.

Fruit Carving and Desserts

From time to time, Apple also teaches her students how to make tasty desserts. She even shares her artistic skills on fruit and vegetable carving. Her creativity is amazing and you will really admire her works. She can shape a turtle out a pineapple like a total pro! The good thing about her is that she is very generous with tips and gives every bit of knowledge relevant to her lessons.

Apple’s Kitchen

Because of her love for food and cooking, it is only a matter of time for Apple to set up her own restaurant. This she did and she called it Apple’s Kitchen (formerly Chef Samui Kitchen). The food here is delicious and is a reflection of what you can learn in her cooking classes.

They serve a delightful mix of classic Thai dishes and some familiar comfort foods too. The prices are reasonable and their servings are perfect. We love their sirloin steak as well as their yummy freshly made smoothies. This is a good place to dine if you are a vegetarian because they have plenty of no-meat dishes available.

Apple’s Home Cookery School

Address: 45/13 Moo 4 Maenam, Ko Samui
Surat Thani, 84330