The coconut tree is known as the tree of life. Every part of it is beneficial and can be put to great use. Its leaves can be made into brooms or woven into an exotic piece of handicraft. Its trunk can be used as logs and can be fashioned into many different kinds of objects. The fruit has a tough shell that can be made into musical instruments, a costume, lanterns, floor polisher and many others. Of course the fruit has the meat and coconut water that is meant for human consumption. When you visit Koh Samui, you will realize that the locals are just fond of coconut anything. During your stay, be it for just a few days or for months, we will bet that you will return home with a new appreciation for this giant nut and be a little loco about this amazing gift of nature as well. Here are a few coconut stuff that you can enjoy and purchase on the island.

Coconut Water

Known to be a stuff of legend among Hollywood celebrities, it seems that the Western World is a little too late when it comes to appreciating this sweet liquid. People who live in the tropics have been enjoying the taste and health benefits of coconut water for centuries and the A-listers are barely catching on. Pure coconut water is rich in trace minerals like zinc, magnesium, manganese, and phosphorus. It is sweet, hydrating, and cooling whether at room temperature or chilled. When buying coconut water, make sure you are getting one from a young coconut. Water from mature coconut is not that stellar as it is a bit more acidic. Young coconut water is what you want. With all its health benefits, this tropical drink is only 19 calories per 100 ml so you can drink it without guilt.

Coconut Meat

Coconut meat can be eaten on its own. The younger the coconut, the softer and tender is the meat. As coconuts mature, the inside flesh becomes tougher, less sweet, and harder to chew. The meat of old coconuts are grated and made into coconut cream or used in desserts or dried and made into dessicated coconut. A meat that is in between young and mature is still tolerably soft but has a bite and is made into frozen desserts or added in fruit salads.

Coconut Oil

Hailed as one of the healthiest oils known to man, coconut oil has an elite status among health buffs. The oil can be taken by tablespoons as an aid for digestion and a neutralizer for bad cholesterol. It can also be used for cooking and to impart flavor and moisture to many desserts. Coconut oil is also used to create a low calorie rice, as a medium for oil pulling, and as a remedy to skin issues such as fungus, rashes, and wounds. For those who have dry skin, it can also be used as a body oil. If you have dry hair, this oil is an awesome alternative to hot oil treatments and conditioners.

Coconut Recipes

Coconut is at the heart of Thai cuisine. It is used in one form or another in majority of local dishes. Curries take their lovely richness from coconut cream and milk. Soups get a nice body and consistency with a little help from coconut milk. Local desserts won’t be complete without a helping of coconut too. Of course, it won’t be the tropics without a nice glass of sweet coconut shake.

Coconut Delicacies

Its naturally delicious taste that goes well with milk, butter, sugar, pandan, and mangoes that makes coconut a versatile ingredient for all sorts of local delicacies. In Koh Samui, you can find edible treats that feature coconut. There’s jam, waffles, cookies, chips, hotcakes, and even sugar that are made from this amazing ingredient. There are even peanuts coated with coconut cream that you can find at the supermarket.

Coconut Desserts

Sweets top off every meal and local varieties can also double as quick snacks. Coconut is also a popular ingredient when it comes to desserts. Some of the ones you should try are Khao Neow Toorien or Durian Coconut Milk Soup with Sticky Rice, Banana Leaf Sticky Rice, and Mango Sticky Rice. These are all delicious and with each bite you can taste the distinct coconut flavor.

Coconut Skincare

Its amazing moisturizing ability and its warm enticing aroma are only among the reasons why coconut is also used in skincare and cosmetics. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is an effective makeup remover and is a mild non-soap cleanser for people with very dry skin. In street markets, you can find coconut soaps that effectively cleanses and keep the skin soft and baby smooth. Scrubs and massage oils that are coconut oil based are also being sold all around the island.

Coconut Rum

Magic Alambic Rum Distillery makes flavored rums and they produce a coconut rum too. You can book for a tour of the distillery and buy a few bottles of this local spirit.

Coconut Crafts

Handicrafts and art made from leaves and coconut shells are also widely sold in Koh Samui. You can buy coconut carvings, coconut watch, lanterns, and many others.

With 3 million coconut trees in Koh Samui and the fact that they are harvested all year round mean that your holiday on the island will be so coconutty, that you might actually miss its enticing smell and taste when you get back home.