Your choice of Koh Samui accommodation can make a difference on how your holiday turns out. It can be meh, just fine, or let’s-do-this-again-really-soon kind of thing. There are mid-priced hotels, basic lodgings, standard resort rooms, and villas of all kinds and sizes and while you may be tempted to book the cheapest one you can find and get it over with, there are ways to know if you are choosing the best Samui holiday nest. Consider the following.

Proximity to your points of interest

If you have a set of things to do when you visit Koh Samui, it is practical to pick a place to stay that is close to your points of interest. This way, you minimize local travel costs, conserve your energy, and really be able to do what you are set to do. Say if you came for the nightlife and you expect to be out and about every night, a commercial resort or private villa rental in Chaweng could be your options. Or say you want to be near key island attractions but want a quieter beach. In that case an accommodation in Maenam, Bophut, or Choeng Mon is your best bet.

Space and comfort

Travellers have different needs and preferences in terms of comfort and space. While it is obvious that everyone wants a comfortable place to stay, others are willing to sacrifice comfort for affordability. Others are also okay with minimal space. For backpackers, solo travellers, or couples who are watching their budget, this approach is okay and practical too. If you are travelling with your whole family though or are having a big occasion on the island and are expecting a number of guests, a spacious private accommodation is more suitable. Sure, this may sound pricey but if you carefully consider what you are getting and the additional space and comfort that comes with it, you will realize that whatever you will shell out is money well spent. The fact is, there are really good luxury villas locally that you can avail of for less than 500 USD. For that amount you can have multiple rooms, your own swimming pool, spacious baths, and a big yard. Spend that much in commercial resorts and you have to make do with smaller rooms and share the pool and other amenities with other guests.

Safety and security

Vacations are all about fun. Right? However, there are things to consider to ensure your holiday runs smoothly. Your chosen accommodation should be safe–fire exits, security cameras, and no-slip deck are only some of the things you should look into. Choose an enclosed property for your peace of mind if you are thinking about getting a villa rental. The boundary will keep outsiders in check and increase your privacy. See if there are enough locks for the doors as well as safes for your valuables.


Another relative criterion in choosing a Koh Samui holiday home is privacy. Others don’t make a big deal out of this, which is why commercial resorts are still a big business on the island. Many people are okay with sharing a swimming pool, bathroom, and hallway with other guests and if this is like you then great because you have many, many options available. However if you are very particular about privacy or you are on your honeymoon maybe, a place to stay that is just your own is ideal. The good news is that you can find beautiful private accommodations all throughout the island. Most of these are gated properties and are situated in exclusive areas so you can have all the privacy and seclusion you need.


The ideal holiday accommodation in Koh Samui makes everything easy for you. Things such as airport transfers, concierge, and butler services are definitely a plus. Aside from those, your place must have easy access to the places you want to visit, especially if you want to see a lot of the island. A private residence way off the road may offer privacy but will sacrifice convenience. Find one that has a balance of both.

Services catered to your needs

Your Samui accommodation should satisfy your needs as a traveller. Are you looking forward to touring a lot locally? Then find a hotel or resort that books tours and other island activities. Do you need someone to care for your children or an extra hand to look after them while you relax? Then one that offers babysitting services is a must. Some places also offer in house spa treatments, massages, laundry services, and more. Before you book, find out what they offer to make the most out of your stay.

Sleeping areas fit to your liking

A satisfying sleep is priceless and if you want to get some during your island getaway, a comfortable bed and peaceful sleeping area is what you need. Some folks who are used to travelling and are on a budget can survive with a basic bed. This is actually very okay if you will be going out a lot anyway and will only be in your room when it is time to sleep. However, if luxury it of utmost importance and money is not an issue, a private spacious villa with stylish rooms and King sized beds would be more fitting.

Enough baths

Often taken for granted until it is too late, trust us when we say that good bathrooms and showers are a must for a hassle free vacation. If you are with you entire family and you have to share one bathroom, we don’t have to tell you how inconvenient that could be. Multiple bathrooms while they sound overkill are necessary if you are a group or if you are expecting some guests. It is also a must if you will be having pool parties at your place. You have been warned.