Here are more things to help you pick your ideal Koh Samui getaway home.


Are you on a tight budget? Good thing there are affordable places to stay in Koh Samui. There are basic rooms you can get for several hundred baht all over the island. If you have a mid-priced budget, your options are more since majority of accommodations are catered to this price range. Of course if you have unlimited budget and your tastes are expensive, there are lots of options for you too. You can get a beautiful suite at a commercial resort or for those who want bigger space and better privacy, you can rent an upscale private villa. A private accommodation has a better feeling of home because they are often stand alone, spacious, and have their own swimming pool. Most of them are gated too so tenants feel more at ease to do whatever they want.

Dining options

A good Samui haven makes food accessible in many different ways. Ideally, you can dine onsite or at least have a means to cook and prepare your meals particularly if you are feeding a group. Dining out can be costly if you do it every time. Then again if you visit the island to go on endless food adventures, being near dining places is an advantage. Some resorts have a signature restaurant and snack bars. Of course, there is always room service too. Some Samui private properties for rent have in-house chefs. That is something you can consider too, moreso if you want home cooked meals but have no talent in the kitchen. An in-house chef can prepare local dishes for you—highly recommended if you want to get to know Thai food better.


Opportunities for leisure and other fun activities are also important when choosing a place to stay in Samui. Swimming pools are popular features among local resorts and hotels. Some also provide equipment rentals for various water activities like kayak, jetski, etc. A number of properties have state of the art home theatre, gaming consoles, indoor games, and shelves of books to read. Some have billiard tables, ping pong, foos, and even badminton facilities. The more leisure activities your place can provide, the less your need to go out will be. This will save you money and keep the whole group happy and entertained without having to go out.

Overall ambience

One’s environment can make or break the mood. A relaxing ambience is always a plus as this is proven to brighten up one’s disposition, relieve stress, and bring about positivity. If for a little more baht you get to have a place that is soothing to you—with good ventilation, stunning views, and a comfortable atmosphere, by all means get it. It will be worth it in the end.

Aside from the scenery, the aesthetics of the place is a factor too. Some people are okay with standard rooms that feel gloomy and sterile and there’s nothing wrong with that. Some folks however need to be surrounded with beautiful things, certain colors, and theme to feel at their best. If this sounds like you,try to look around for the one that floats your boat and make you feel like you’re in your element.


Local cribs come in different sizes. There are travellers who don’t need a lot of space and can settle into a standard hotel room.But for those who need bigger crash pads, what you need to look into are the luxury local rentals. They provide a wide array of choices. You can get a holiday residence with multiple rooms built over several levels if that’s what you need—in case you are looking to accommodate a huge group or are hosting an event with several guests. A big space need not be expensive like what the majority believes. If you know where to look, you can avail of unbelievable bargains on lavish private villas for rent. You can have your own exclusive space, multiple sleeping areas, a living room, a pool even. Now that’s true bang for your buck.


Good views are important selling points too and if you are a fan of stunning vistas, you can choose from all kinds of local lodgings available. Panoramic accommodations are pretty popular on the island. You get great scenery, sometimes even up to 360 degrees. Beachfront rooms and rentals are hits too. The proximity of the beach means there is nice water views and glimpses of the shoreline all throughout your stay.


Another important thing to consider when choosing a place to stay in Samui are the reviews of other travellers. These will help you get to know the accommodation better–the real deal. It’s one thing to read about a resort from its own website or from a brochure. Totally different thing when you actually tried staying in it. Reading reviews may seem time consuming but in the end is worth the effort. People spill the beans when they had an unpleasant experience and are very generous with praises when they have had a great time. The reviews will give you a more realistic perspective of the hideaway you will be picking. Remember, this will cost you money so it has to be good.

The say of the whole group

Sure you may be the daddy or the mommy or say you want to stay at a party hotel. The thing is, the most satisfying accommodation is the one where the entire group will be happy with. Gather everyone around, get their opinions, and try to reach a harmonious consensus. There is an abundance of Koh Samui accommodation available. For sure you will find one that is most suitable for you.

Finding the ideal place for your Samui holiday may sound like hard work but it is the key to having a great stay. This is very important especially if you will be on the island for an extended period of time. You need an accommodation that gives a feeling of home and can satisfy your lifestyle needs as well as your personal preferences. The best tips are to take your time looking and book early. This way you have bigger chances of finding the best place and getting it for a good price.