Souvenirs are a must for every vacation. While food may seem to be the top choice when it comes to travel keepsakes, they can only last for a while. Once the package is opened and the last bite is done, it’s over. If you want an everlasting memento of your Koh Samui holiday, stick to non-edible items. Here are some ideas to always be reminded of your wonderful island getaway.


A nice little piece of Koh Samui you can bring home is an artwork. It can be a rare piece of earthenware with Buddhist inspired details, a beautiful sculpture or a painting.

There are many talented local artists showcasing their masterpieces in night markets or in art galleries on the island. You may choose a charming painting of the Fisherman’s Village, a colorful depiction of the Songkran Festival or maybe a simple watercolor of the lotus flower. Imagine a Thai painting gracing your living room or your kitchen. It could make a standout decor and will surely be a conversation starter if you have guests coming to visit.


Thai wrap skirts or sarong are found in market stalls and malls in Koh Samui. This piece of fabric can be worn and used in many ways. It can be a scarf, a wrap, or a long skirt. It can also be used as a blanket when travelling. When on a picnic, you can sit on it. It can even be used as a baby sling or a substitute for a shower towel if you don’t have one. Sarongs are the perfect gift for your mom or lady friends. Buy some in different colors and patterns and give them as souvenirs. Also you can buy a special piece for yourself, wear it or use it a lot during your holiday and when you see it long after the vacation is over, it will remind you of your brief stay in Thailand.

Wooden Handicrafts

If there’s a country who truly understands wooden crafts, it is Thailand. Local artisans sure know how to turn a piece of wood into something beautiful. There are many wooden crafts that you can bring home with you. There are wooden artworks that you can hang on your wall or use as a garden decor. Of course, these are heavy so they are not easy to transport. There are also wooden spoons and kitchenware. You can also buy wooden lanterns or wooden candle holders. For those who are interested in wooden furnishings, there are plenty of those too. You may have to pay a lot for shipping costs but if you have the budget, why not?

Musical Instruments

For those who love music, what better memento of your Samui holiday than a local musical instrument. Thai music is a class of its own because of their indigenous musical tools. You can opt for a karimba or coconut thumb piano. If percussion is your thing maybe a wooden xylophone or a gong would do the trick. Thai cymbals are pretty cool too. The thing with Thai musical instruments is that not only do they make amazing sounds, they are visually interesting too and can be used as decor.

Thai Silk Pillowcases

Another great souvenir that you can purchase in Koh Samui are Thai Silk pillowcases. These come in different designs and colors. You can buy a few sets for your throw pillows in your living room and your sleeping pillows in the bedroom as well.

Thai Curtains

Locally-made drapes or curtains also make great souvenirs. Made from quality fabrics, you can get a lot of use from them and they will last you a long time. You can choose the color, pattern, and style that will suit your home color scheme and interior design. You can also buy some to give to your friends and loved ones.


If you are on a budget and would not want to spend on souvenirs or keepsakes, what you can do is take a lot of photos. Pictures are wonderful reminders of a holiday and the good news is that they are free and you can take as many of them as you want to. In fact you can make your own postcards using a photo of your favorite Koh Samui scenery.


Smell is highly connected to one’s memory so if you want a good reminder of your island getaway, what you can do is to use a special fragrance during your trip. You can use your favorite summer fragrance or perhaps you can buy a new one when you arrive in Thailand. It doesn’t even have to be perfume. It can be anything scented such as a body lotion, sunblock or a dry body oil. If you use any of these regularly on your vacation, it will always remind you of your wonderful trip. Whatever scent you choose, remember to keep it light and airy. Strong perfumes can make you feel ill in hot weather.

Thai Herbal Balm

A favorite local remedy for pain, Thai Herbal Balm is also a recommended non-edible souvenir. You can find this in any store or pharmacy on the island. What you can do is buy several jars and give them away to friends and family as tokens. You can also buy several jars for personal use. Since you only need to apply a very little amount, your stash should last you a long time.

Monkey Stuffed Toy

A cute item that you can find on the island is a monkey stuffed toy. Monkeys are popular in Thailand so whenever you see this you will think about your Thailand holiday.

Handmade Bags

A practical souvenir that you can get a lot of use of is a locally made bag. Handbags made from beautiful Thai fabrics are unique and exotic statement pieces that can add a little pizazz to any simple outfit. For sure you cannot easily find a Thai bag in your home country so you will definitely stand out. You can also buy one for your sister or a friend who just can’t get enough of purses.

Thai Accessories

Dangling earrings made from wood chips, beaded bracelets, wooden bangles, coral necklaces—these are only some of the many accessories you can buy in Koh Samui. They come in different kinds and prices. There are affordable pieces you can hoard as well as expensive pieces that you can splurge on.

Anything Elephant

Like monkeys, elephants are very popular in Thailand. You can purchase stuffed elephant toys, wooden elephants, elephant key chains, picture frames with elephant design, elephant pendants, and so much more.

While you might be bummed to realize that holidays never last long enough, at least these keepsakes will. May you find the perfect souvenir that will make you remember your Koh Samui trip in the most beautiful way.