You’ve envisioned it. You will be wearing this floor length ivory wedding dress with a long train and intricate beadwork. The wind will lightly kiss your face and blow your hair delicately (without messing it up) and you will walk down the aisle subtly flushing and looking like an angel or a beach goddess who had days of beauty rest. You smile demurely, wishing your wedding photos look as perfect as you imagined them to be. Pause there for a bit.

We hate to be the one to burst your bubble but a wedding in Koh Samui —a tropical destination that is always warm and sunshiny, with occasional rains—comes with a lot of surprises. Unless you will tie the knot in an indoor venue with air conditioning (where’s the fun in that?), you, darling bride, will be at the mercy of the elements. It will be hot, with considerable humidity, lots of glare, tropical breezes of varying intensities, and not to mention the probability of getting wet should it rain. If you came from the tropics with a similar weather as Samui, it won’t be a big deal since you might already know what to expect. However, if you are from a place with 4 seasons and a generally cooler climate, you will need to make adjustments in the beauty department if you want to look your best on your big day.

Ready your skin.

Your wedding makeup will stay longer and look better if you have healthy skin to begin with. So prior to the event, you should be investing on your skin care regimen. If you have a routine that is working for you, carry on. If you have certain issues like acne or skin blemishes, you might want to visit your dermatologist to have them addressed properly.

Hydrating your skin is mighty important so make sure you are drinking enough fluids while at home and when you arrive in Samui. The tropical weather will make you sweat a lot so you really need to amp up your fluids. A light moisturizer, preferably with sunscreen will keep your skin looking supple so you won’t get the flakies when it is time to apply your bridal makeup. You can also consider using a special nourishing serum to strengthen your skin and improve its appearance. Of course, regular exfoliation is encouraged too. Days or a day before the wedding celebration, book a trip to the spa for a facial to increase the glow of your skin.

Stick to the natural look.

Now is not the time to experiment on your eyebrow shape or try a contouring technique. Choose a wedding look that complements your features and are in harmony with your personality. Avoid shimmery eyeshadows, overly bold lip colors that you used during your goth phase, and unflattering blush colors that don’t suit your skin tone. A coral looking blush looks more natural, works for a majority of coloring, and adds a healthy glow. For the lips, go for a semi matte lipstick or natural cream finish gloss. Avoid the frosty and metallic shades. They look weird on photos and are out of place in Koh Samui.

Get the right amount of coverage.

If you have blemishes to hide, go for a makeup with full coverage. This need not be a thick cakey foundation. There are lightweight foundation nowadays that conceal well but don’t look cakey. If you have oily skin, go for powder makeup to avoid looking greasy in the middle of the celebration. A primer can also make your makeup last longer if you are prone to oil slicks. If you have dry skin, maybe consider a cushion foundation that makes the skin look dewy but not oily.

If you have flawless looking skin to begin with, keep your makeup light. No need to pile on a lot of products if you have clear skin.

Seal your mascara.

A pool of black running down your cheeks is not something you want on your wedding or ever. People cry at weddings and believe us when we say that you will too, being the bride. To avoid looking like a raccoon or worse, a psycho on the loose, opt for waterproof eye makeup. Also, seal your waterproof mascara with a top coat as an insurance.

Consider air brushed makeup.

Touted to be the most ideal makeup for tropical weather, this is pretty long lasting and will still look great even after 12 hours. It works for any skin type, be it dry or oily, and requires minimal touch ups. The only gripe would be if you cry and let a tear go down your face. It will leave an unsightly line. But otherwise, it is a good choice if you want a Koh Samui weather proof makeup. Note: if you cry, make sure you catch the tear from your eye to avoid streaks.

Find your perfect hair do.

Soft waves look amazing for a beach wedding in Koh Samui. However, the beach air and the humidity can backfire and make your hair look less than stellar. To avoid this, consult a professional to help you find the best hair do for you. If you want to wear your hair loose, a hair stylist can give you advice about hair products you need to use to make sure that the weather won’t mess up your mane. If your hair is limp, a salt spray can give it life and volume. This works really well for people with fine hair strands. For those who will be wearing a veil, ensure that you have something to keep it in place. The wind can blow it off and ruin your look.

Plan for touch ups.

Carry an oil film with you to drain the oil from your face and keep your makeup intact. Better yet, book a makeup artist to be with you in time to retouch your makeup. If a makeup artist is beyond your budget, at least have someone to help you should you need to reapply something.