In any wedding, without a doubt that the couple will take centerstage and have all their guests’ attention. However, let’s be honest, the bride usually has more airtime than the groom. During the ceremony, all eyes will be on her the moment she walks down the aisle while the groom patiently waits for her with a mixture of pride, excitement, and love shining in his eyes. Every wedding will have a bride moment so if you will be one very soon, you have to make sure that you’ll be your shining best on your big day. If your heart is set on Koh Samui as your wedding destination, here are tips to bring out your most beautiful as you marry your beloved.


To look and feel your best will require careful preparation. Picture perfect bridal beauty cannot happen overnight unless you are beauty queen material. Even so, every girl can benefit from weeks of clean eating, exercise, and skin care treatments. Cinderella has a fairy godmother. The modern bride should have a glam squad and know how to take care of herself. The following will help.


Glowing skin can be achieved with makeup but it will do wonders if your skin is already healthy and flawless to begin with. A good pre-wedding detox is recommended to make your skin look healthy and glowing from within. A detox diet of raw food and fresh juices will nourish your body with vitamins and minerals, giving you more energy and eliminating toxins that make your skin dull and your body feel sluggish. You can detox on your own by following a raw food diet plan or juice diet for a few days. However, you will reap better results if you do this with structure and supervision. If you have the time, book a stay in one of Koh Samui’s detox retreats. Even if it is just for a couple of days, you will notice amazing difference in how you look and feel.


It is amazing what water can do to your skin. Try lessening your water intake and you will instantly notice that your skin is taking toll. If you happen to be on the island in advance for your wedding preps, make sure that you are drinking enough fluids. Water, coconut juice, clear broths, and freshly made raw smoothies will keep your electrolyte balance in check and keep you hydrated. A hydrating moisturizer with a natural humectant such as aloe vera will also boost your skin’s moisture. Apply your moisturizer regularly even in the tropics as dry skin will make the skin look flakey and won’t hold makeup well.

Yoga and Pilates

Flexibility and strength exercises like the routines involved in yoga and pilates will keep you in top shape so you’ll look your best in your wedding gown. Both disciplines will also improve your posture so you won’t be caught slouching in your wedding photos. Yoga and pilates will also boost your circulation, de-stress you and give you energy for your honeymoon.

Sauna Bath

Planning for a wedding especially in a foreign country can be overwhelming so you need every help you can get in order to relax. Sauna is effective in relieving stress and alleviating muscle tension. Not only that, it will encourage deep sweating which will in turn allow your body to flush out toxins. Also, sauna baths done on a regular basis will make you look great since they will flush out excess water that causes you to look heavy. Without excess water and bloating, you look thinner and fitter.

Body Wrap

Spa treatments like body wraps promote relaxation and allow the bride-to-be to unwind and be soothed after a long day of thinking about the details of her big day. See the list of best spas in Koh Samui.


A good massage will improve your circulation, melt your worries, and allow you to sleep better.

Chakra Healing

Chakra healing is a form alternative medicine used to address many physical, mental, and emotional issues. This is one of the wellness treatments you can avail in Koh Samui. Detox retreat houses and major spas offer this service. If you want to address anxiety, stress, and insomnia that could be dampening your wedding planning, try chakra healing. This is non-invasive and many users report results with just one session.

Beauty Vitamins and Other Supplements

Nobody wants to be sick on her big day. Boost your immune system and lessen your chances of getting a cold by taking a daily multi-vitamin. Supplements that are rich in antioxidants such as Vitamin C and E can also help a great deal. Beauty supplements, especially those that contain rosehips can also improve the appearance of your skin on your special day.

Wedding Day

On the day of the ceremony, here are some.of the things you should keep in check.


Your hair will play a major role in how you look as you say your vows. Days prior to the wedding, it would help if you have had salon dry runs regarding your wedding hair style. If the event will take place indoors, you can let your hair down, give it loose curls or have it sleek straight. Or you can tie it chignon style for an unbeatable classic look. If your ceremony will happen outdoors, know that the elements might sabotage your hair style. It could be windy and the humidity might make naturally curly hair look puffy and big. Your best bet for an outdoor wedding is to have your hair in a bun, a half ponytail, or a true ponytail. Keep your hair away from your face as much as possible as it can get annoying having to wipe it out of your eyes during the event. Bangs should be secured with bobby pins or styled in a way that they are far from the eyes. A stylish hair embellishment that can also double as a pin could be used as well. If you insist on wearing your bangs, then have it sideswept so it won’t interfere with your vision.


If you have great skin, there’s no need to overdo it with the makeup. Choose a foundation that is designed for your skin type. If you have blemishes, a foundation with good coverage and a concealer to help hide the spots are essential. As with the hair, you need to do dry runs regarding your makeup. Take photos of the finished look and see how it translates to pictures. Some foundation will have a white cast if using flash photography so take pictures in outdoor and indoor settings, both with flash and without then have your makeup adjusted accordingly.

Hands and Nails

Both usually forgotten aspects in the beauty department, make sure you remember to beautify them on your wedding day. Have a paraffin hand treatment to heal dry hands and make sure you get your nails done. You may choose to wear a nail lacquer. If you do, pick a shade that complements your entire look. A nail polish that is too dark against your white wedding gown will look tacky. Stick to neutrals like tan, pearl white, rose gold, or a classic French tip. Any of these will make your hands look dainty and more feminine.


Your dress should be steamed and free from creases. When you finally wear your dress, spend a few minutes in front of the mirror and see if last minute alterations need to be done. It would help if your wedding dress designer is with you (assuming your dress is custom-made). If that’s out of the question, a relative who can sew should be by your side so in case you need to adjust something, you won’t panic.


You might think that since your hem is long that the bridal shoes can be just any shoes. It can’t be just any pair. It has to go well with your wedding gown, has to fit right, and has to be comfortable. Test it well. Walk in it, run in it, and dance in it. Don’t be the bride who got so grumpy during the ceremony because her shoes keep pinching her toes.

Wedding Perfume

Yes, there has to be a wedding fragrance. This obviously won’t translate in photos. However, you need to have one for your personal benefit. The wedding perfume is special because it will forever be linked to this important moment in your life. You can wear your signature or choose something new. A note though, sample the fragrance days before the wedding. A new scent can make you uncomfortable so it is necessary that you get used to it days prior to your celebration. Test several times before you decide and avoid anything cloying. You can choose to go scent-free if your are allergic to perfumes.


Your hair can get messy and your mascara might run while you cry as you say your vows. A makeup artist or someone in the family who knows how to apply makeup should be held on standby in case you need some help. If you will be changing clothes from the wedding to the reception, someone also needs to be with you to offer assistance and carry your stuff while you change.

Additional Wedding Tips

Hire a wedding planner.

No matter how great your organizational skills are and even if you can handle pressure really well, you will have an easier time if you have a professional taking care of things for you. Planning for a wedding is stressful in a way that it can consume you. The pressure to make the event look perfect combined with your desire to look your best can take a toll on your system. Get help especially if you are a foreigner getting married in Koh Samui.

Make time for last minute adjustments.

Granting that you have a wedding planner, unexpected things can still come up even with careful planning. If you can, schedule to arrive on the island a few days or weeks in advance. This will allow you to settle down a bit and relieve some of the anxiety.

Lie low on social media.

It’s so tempting to want to give blow by blow account of the progress on your big day through selfies and Facebook posts. If this works in relieving your stress, keep it up. However, most brides confess that social media actually cause them to feel more pressure and actually worsen their stress levels. If this sounds like you, unplug for a while. You don’t owe it to everyone to give them updates unless you are a top celebrity. Even so, it is still wise to keep distance and leave some surprises for the actual day.


Planning for an event will take a lot of brain space, leaving you on the verge of insanity. Slow down a bit and take your mind off your issues by diving underwater. Snorkelling will take your worries in an instant. Grab the moment to see the beautiful marine world and explore the wonders of Koh Samui’s rich ecosystem.

Take cooking lessons.

Learning something new is another way to de-stress. One relaxing activity that you can do while here waiting for your wedding ceremony is a Thai cooking lesson. Remember, you will be a wife soon. What better way to please your new husband than by your superb and tasty home cooked meals. So let your wedding team handle the details and book for a cooking session. If you want, you can even take fiance with you.

Have a spa party with your bridesmaids.

They could be your childhood buddies, your sisters, or classmates growing up. The days before your wedding could be some of the few times you will be able to bond together. Show appreciation for your gal pals by scheduling a spa party for all of you. Have champagne, get your nails done, have a makeover then enjoy a nice meal together. They will appreciate the gesture and you’ll have a wonderful time too.

Remember, a happy heart and a mind free from stress will help you have a certain ethereal radiance on your wedding day more than any makeup. No matter how busy you are, take a moment to breathe and always have fun. Best wishes on your special marital union in Koh Samui. Do you want to learn more about Koh Samui weddings? Read this article.