Maenam is currently becoming very popular among backpackers who are visiting Koh Samui. With one of the longest beaches on the island, Maenam can easily turn on your relax button with its welcoming vibe and not so crowded beach scene. Maenam a good choice if you are watching your spending and want to spend your vacation without burning so much money. On the other hand, you can also splurge here too since it has a number of good luxury accommodations–some of which are private rentals. If you still haven’t made up your mind yet as to where to stay in Koh Samui, here are some of the reasons why you should pick Maenam.

Maenam Walking Street

Thursday is shopping day at Maenam because this is when the local walking street is open. This is one of the best places to buy your souvenirs because most of the merchandise here are local handicrafts and works of art. This is also a good place to try local food at a cheap price. Here you can buy rice cakes for 10 baht and some grilled skewers for just 5 baht. There are sushi, pad Thai, local pastries, smoothies, cocktails, and exotic offerings such as crocodile meat.

Chinese Temple

There are many Thai temples in Koh Samui so this Chinese Temple in Maenam is a refreshing sight. The lively colors, the intricate details and the beautiful architecture makes it worth a visit. If you don’t have anything to do, stop by. You won’t regret it.

Samui Sheep Farm

Wondering where to take the kids in Samui? Head to Samui Sheep Farm. There is a nice playground here and a spacious yard where your little ones can run around and see the sheeps. The farm is a hidden gem on the island and is an ideal party venue. Here you can have a light snack and unwind a little. It is a relaxing setting and the sheeps are very cute! The place also serves amazing salads. They grow the ingredients used themselves so you know they are of great quality. If you want your kids to be appreciative of nature and kind to animals,bring them here. They will have a wonderful time for sure.

Samui Disc Golf

For those who are looking for something fun and out of the usual activity, you may want to check out Samui Disc Golf. Also known as frisbee golf, this is a popular pastime among the outdoorsy. This is more affordable than most activities on the island and is something you can do with the entire group. It is a nice workout too. Since you will be moving a lot, you will sweat a great deal—-an effective way to burn those calories. The course has 9 holes that are well marked. Also there are trees everywhere so the ambience is very relaxing and very much conducive for this kind of game. They are having regular tournaments and the number of participants they have just show how popular this place is. You can see regular updates and schedule posts on their Facebook page so if you are interested, better check it out.

Maenam Beach

A quiet beach with a long stretch of sand,Maenam Beach seems to attract romantics and those who’d rather take long strolls and gaze at the sunset than party at the beach. Because it is not crowded, it is a great spot for people who seek some peace and quiet. It is a top choice for a family beach and it’s soft sand and swimmable waters make it a true tropical treat. Come here for a lazy morning walk or to give yourself an amazing tan. You can also drink fresh coconut juice from the husk, sit on a recliner as you read a new book with the sound of the waves on the background.

Maenam Morning Farmers Market

If you want to explore local fresh produce, seafood, and meat, head to the farmers market. You can find a lot of cheap and fresh finds here. Shrimp paste, curry essentials, fresh herbs and spices can be bought here in small or huge quantities. In addition, you can find awesome deals on delicious local fruits such as durian, ripe mangoes, banana, rambutan, guavas,papayas, and pineapple. The catches of the day can also be bought here. Fish and seafood can be had for a low price. Ready to eat meals are also available. There are rice cakes, fritters, skewers, as well as coconuts.

Angela’s Bakery

Easily one of the well raved dining places in Maenam is Angela’s Bakery. This cafe is known for its all day breakfast and Western style comfort food. This is a charming restaurant that offers high quality food at a reasonable price. It is children friendly too and is known for their mouth watering sandwiches, hotdogs, and desserts. Some of their popular offerings are pancakes, French toast, bacon & eggs, bagels, porridge, and coffee. Crepes and ice cream are also available. They serve really good onion soup, meatloaf, and smoked turkey sandwich. Aside from these, they also have a Thai menu so if you fancy some pad Thai or a bowl of curry, you can have it here. Other good stuff from the menu are the curried omelette, sausage and cheese breakfast, and the German Big Breakfast.

Canopy Adventures Secret Falls

Looking for some unforgettable adventure? You can stop by Canopy Adventures Secret Falls and be in awe of Samui’s lush jungles and landscapes. Here you can see the waterfalls and perhaps take a swim to help you cool down. You can also ride the zipline if you haven’t experienced it yet. The canopy ride is definitely not for the faint of heart but if you are up for it you will have an amazing time for sure. The views from the top are so beautiful so don’t forget to take them all in as you cross the distance. Some people close their eyes. If you do you miss the whole point.

Canopy Adventures Secret Falls

Address: Canopy Adventures Secret Falls, Soi 5, Koh Samui, Surat Thani 84320, Thailand