There is nothing in the world like Thai cuisine. The harmonious play of ingredients that at first may seem contradictory to each other, the use of fresh herbs and spices, and the simplicity of cooking methods ensure that Thai food be pleasing to the palate. The pungent smell of fish sauce, the tanginess of tamarind, the rich taste of coconut milk, and the aromatics like ginger and lemongrass make up the basic ingredients of Thai cuisine. Then there’s the chili too, the vibrant element of heat—be it mild or intense is unmistakably Thai. In Koh Samui, there are plenty of really good authentic Thai restaurants. Here are some of the best ones.

Kao Hom

For traditional Thai dishes from recipes passed on from generation to generation, Kao Hom is a good choice. Its proximity to Samui International Airport means you can’t miss it, so take advantage of your holiday to try some of well loved local dishes here like their stir fried pork with tasty shrimp paste.

While definitely not fancy, the unpretentious and casual vibe at Kao Hom is among the reasons why diners keep coming back. Here the service is fast and the flavors are genuinely Thai. Locals frequent this place to eat as the dishes taste so legit it feels like you are eating a feast of home cooked meals.

Among the best items on the menu are the green curry, chicken soup, red curry pork, and soft shell crab. The prices are affordable and the portions are big enough to share.

Kob Thai

A place in Lamai that serves authentic Thai dishes and offer superb value for money is Kob Thai. The garden setting works seamlessly with the menu and allows guests to have a casual dining ambience while they taste very delicious curries and seafood dishes. The staffs at Kob Thai are well trained and the service is impressive. Many visitors take note of the wide selection of food and beverage available. The best part is that everything is guaranteed fresh and cooked to perfection.

Kob Thai is famous for their whole fried fish, Tom Yam Gung and papaya salad. Also raved about are their deep fried beef and pork. Their chicken in Penang curry sauce is phenomenal and so is their crab meat rice.

The sala style theme is a crowd pleaser making Kob Thai ideal for romantic dates and even family dinners. The owner is French and very accommodating. For sure you will have a wonderful time here.


Sometimes the best food can be found in the simplest places. K-Siri is surely not something you will choose as a romantic evening venue but the food more than compensates for the basic interiors.

Meals are cheap but tasty and the flavors are traditional. Definitely taste their morning glory salad and prawn cakes. Perfectly seasoned and plated beautifully, both are truly delicious. Their chicken pad Thai is also a prospective favorite as well as their coconut soup. If you want something light, you can have some spring rolls and green papaya salad. A refreshing and unforgettable drink is the Thai iced tea. Robust, full bodied, yet sweet and creamy, you will think about this long after you leave. The yellow pork curry and chicken satay work well with steamed rice. Be sure to try this combo.

For reasonably priced Thai food, you can’t go wrong with K-Siri. The wallet friendly prices mean you can sample many dishes without being anxious about the bill. Great, right?

KOH Thai Kitchen & Bar

A restaurant made to impress, KOH Thai Kitchen & Bar gets plus points for its incredible panoramic setting. Large floor to ceiling windows highlight the outdoor tropical scenery. Imagine dining as you gaze at the beach and get to see the clear blue sky and coconut trees. That pretty much sums up the dining experience at this restaurant.

Part of the Four Seasons Resort, this is a splurge type of venue and is most suitable for a special date or a luxurious dinner with the whole family. Extra high ceilings, antique style decor, and subdued colors add to the whole chic drama of the interiors. Dining al fresco is just as nice for you get to admire panoramic views that seem to go on forever. For the most memorable meal, come around sunset. The place is most stunning during this time of the day. From the friendly staff to the quality of service and the taste of food, everything about KOH Thai Kitchen & Bar is top notch.

A good dish is the grilled duck salad. The meat is tender and flavorful and the sauce is divine. Their hot and sour prawn soup is also a winner as it is rich, warm, and zesty at the same time. The harmony of the tanginess with the spice along with the richness of the broth is like a party in the mouth. For fish lovers, don’t leave without trying the deep fried seabass. The fish is fresh and is crisped to perfection. A hit for those who love hearty dishes is the slow cooked pork stew. This has a hint of 5 spice and is very oriental. The meat is fork tender and has a distinct sweetness you will love.

Seafood fans will surely enjoy the deep fried squid. Frying brings out the natural sugars of the seafood and makes it tastier. An exotic but light dish is the grilled fish curry cake. This tastes amazing on its own or with rice. A true Thai favorite is the sauteed jumbo prawns with spicy coconut sauce. This is so yummy and definitely must be eaten with rice—be it steamed or fried. We assure you that every bite is sensational.

All these are impressive authentic Thai restaurants in Koh Samui. Their food are to die for and no matter what your budget is, you are sure to find a favorite with these choices.