Known as the busiest and most happening part of the island of Samui, Chaweng is like a double edged sword as a destination. While couples and fun seekers would want to go here without hesitation because of Chaweng Beach’s fun reputation, families may want to go to less high profile areas where there’s plenty of peace and quiet. To be very blunt about it Chaweng Beach is busy, noisy, and chaotic most of the time and actually there lies its strength. It’s very hard to get bored here and if you come looking for fun, we bet our last Baht that you will get it. So why head to the Chaweng Beach for your vacation? Well here you can:

Party all night.

Chaweng is the best place in Koh Samui for party lovers. As the island’s fun hub, you won’t run out of clubs and bars to visit. The beach road is a good place to bar hop and spend the night with friends if you crave the noise, alcohol, and the crazy fun atmosphere. Head to the Soi Green Mango for a taste of local nightlife and booze. Should you need to grab a few bites or do some serious snacking after heavy drinking, head to the Food Point where you can sample some kebabs or perhaps grab some ice cream if your sweet tooth starts to whine.

Have one hell of a food trip.

If you’d rather eat than party, Chaweng has a lot in store for you too. As the island’s center, Chaweng Beach is also a home to some of the best restaurants in Samui. And no, we don’t mean just curry. We mean seafood, Asian, Italian, Mediterranean, Japanese, and other relevant cuisines in the food map. The diversity of food choices mean that there is something for everyone and also that there is a place for any kind of budget.

Learn yoga.

The modern life, busy schedule, and even your colleagues can drain your energy and make you feel overwhelmed. Take advantage of your Koh Samui holiday to recharge your spirit and detox your mind. If you are into yoga or perhaps interested in making the discipline a part of your life, you may try some of the yoga studios near Chaweng Beach or if you want to practice the poses alone, head to the beach and take in the scenery as you do the warrior pose and work on your headstands. Star Pilates and Fitness is a highly recommended venue for yoga noob and experts alike. Another yoga spot you can visit at Chaweng Beach is the Magnolia Spa. After an energizing class, you can then try a massage or a facial for an even better experience.

Visit cool bars.

If you want to indulge in cocktails and would want to check out local bars, there are plenty in the area. For a unique cocktail experience, there’s Bar Ice where you can sip your fave drinks at freezing temperatures. There’s also Bar Solo, which is hailed to be as Samui’s Ibiza. Here you can sip great tasting cocktails, have filling snacks, and enjoy good music.

Enhance your cooking skills.

A fulfilling way to spend your island getaway is to take some cooking lessons. Learn how to cook authentic Thai dishes and more with some of the best cooking workshops near Chaweng Beach. Island Organics Samui Thai Cooking Classes are worth a shot. Not only will you be able to master local food, you will also appreciate the wellness brought about by organic ingredients.

Experience adrenaline rush.

A memorable holiday requires fun and adventure and at the Chaweng Beach, you’ll have plenty for sure. You can join paintball parties, go surfing, or take diving lessons. The beach also has the right amount of wind for kitesurfing, which is perfect if you love watersports.

Laugh till your tummy hurts.

Another fun activity you can do on the area is see a comedy bar. The Paris Follies Cabaret can be found at the beach road and is a recommended stop for people who want to have a great time and some laughs. The show is free and all you need to do is to pay for the drinks. The ladies know how to put on a memorable show and are popular in the world of live entertainment. This place is highly rated among tourists and for sure you will love it too.

Plan your escape.

If you love games and puzzles and you are not much of an outdoor person, you must stop by Escapade. This offers room escape games—an exciting way to bond with friends and family. The themes are novel, nothing too scary but still interesting. Don’t forget to book by phone if you are going as a group.

Have a scary night.

For those who cannot get enough of horror and mystery, there is something for you at Chaweng as well. The Pirate Adventure Horror House is one way to kill time on a rainy day. Located in Central Festival Samui, this is ideal for kids and teenagers who want to experience something different.

Check out Laem Dim Market.

Here food and cocktails are cheap and folks are friendly. Laem Dim Market is a must try for visitors who are on a tight budget and want to have a decent meal without spending so much money. There is a wide array of food available—kebabs, exotic dishes, spring rolls, seafood,and sticky rice cakes. This is where you can get a good grasp of the Thai lifestyle as most locals hang out here.


If you happen to be at the Chaweng Beach anyway, try to stop by EasyFly and give indoor skydiving a shot. For those who don’t have the guts to go skydiving outdoors, this is a good starter. At EasyFly you are bound to have a memorable experience. Fair warning: you can get addicted.