Koh Samui is a wellness den with its many spas and establishments especially catering to clients who want to focus on their health and well-being. An institution with over 15 years of experience in healing and enriching the mind, body, and soul is Orion Retreat Centre Samui. Located in Lipa Noi, here you can escape your demanding lifestyle and give time for physical, mental, and emotional nourishment. It’s main aim is to restore one’s vitality and achieve balance. Whether you want to improve your energy levels, relax your mind, and increase your fitness and lose weight, Orion Retreat is an experience you will never forget in Koh Samui.

Relaxing Setting and Quality Accommodations

The Orion Retreat Centre boasts an enchanting setting that will instantly de-stress and make the guests feel relaxed. The mesmerizing sea views, the natural beauty of the surroundings, and most of all the peace in quiet will wrap you in tranquility so you can forget your usual routine and enjoy the duration of your escape. Orion provides quality accommodations for its clients. You can choose to stay in one of the bungalows at the Lipa Beach Resort where you can have a lovely beachfront setting or stay at Villa Samui for more privacy. This private property is secured by an electric gate and has ample parking space and reliable internet connection

Detox and Cleansing

Cleansing from within is among the aims of Orion Samui. Toxins derived from diet, unhealthy lifestyle, and pollution can accumulate in our body and cause all sorts of illnesses. Toxins can also deplete our energy, affect our mood, and make us perform less than what we are actually capable of. At this retreat, you will be given freshly made juices that are packed with enzymes, vitamins, and minerals to help purge unwanted elements from your system and neutralize the acidity brought about by these toxins. An acidic body is an unhealthy body and is a welcoming environment to many kinds of microorganisms. An alkaline body on the other hand is healthy, energetic, and is able to perform its vital functions. Detox juices help restore alkalinity, giving your body back its balance. During your stay at Orion Samui, you will be given natural supplements, food that is focused on fresh fruits and vegetables, and a lot of juices and water.

Focus on Vegetarian Diet

Fresh fruits and vegetables are among the healthiest things you can eat. Plant derived food may seem to be not enough if you are used to having meat and junk food all the time. However, you can get all your essential nutrients from this food group alone. Beans provide protein and carbohydrates. Colorful vegetables can give you trace minerals and vitamins. Root crops and grains can give you energy, while leafy vegetables and most fruits give you fiber.


Fitness is also another goal at this detox retreat and among the tools they rely on to restore physical and mental balance is yoga. This may seem like a mild form of exercise, but never underestimate the power of yoga. It can invigorate or relax depending on the type you engage in. It can also help you increase your flexibility, strengthen muscle and bones, improve posture, and alleviate aches and pains you feel in your body. Proper breathing is at the heart of every yoga practice. So while doing your poses, you will be taught the proper breathing techniques to ensure that enough oxygen enters your bloodstream, allowing the body to perform its tasks better.


The opportunity to quiet your mind does not come all the time. A lot of things occupy our headspace: painful memories, thoughts of self doubt, hurtful things said to us, and all kinds of daily issues that plague our brain. At Orion Retreat Centre, you are given a chance to move out of your normal routine and take the time to focus on your relationship with yourself. Daily meditation is encouraged for a healthy mental, spiritual and emotional health and if this is something you are not practicing, you can learn how to appreciate its many benefits on your stay at the retreat facility.

Spa & Massages

Touch therapy is also among the healing techniques incorporated in the programs at Orion Samui. Massages are amazing for relaxation and are proven to eliminate stress and improve one’s mood. Massages also increase blood circulation, providing the body with the nutrients it needs. It also fosters healing of wounds and pains. Imagine laying back and having a skilled therapist give you a soothing massage in a very cozy setting. It’s just pure bliss.

Group Interactions

Socialization may be the last thing you’d expect in a retreat but there’s beauty in interacting with people who have the same fitness, health, and wellness goals as you do. You can motivate each other, help each other learn more about yourself, and establish new connection you never know could be the start of beautiful friendships.

Complementary Holistic Treatments

Holistic treatments involve a variety of techniques to help achieve optimum health and wellness. Aside from detox and cleansing brought about by fresh juices and raw food, as well as physical activities that are meant to invigorate and strengthen the body, complementary wellness tools are also used at Orion. Among these are chakra cleansing and reiki. Chakra cleansing is a method used to help clear the body’s energy blocks. While reiki is a traditional healing method that involves the use of hands. Both techniques are popular in the world of alternative medicine and are known to have many benefits. Reiki is effective in pain management while chakra cleansing addresses emotional, mental, and physical issues as well.

Post Cleansing Diets

At the retreat you will be fed a lot of fruits and vegetables and you will be exposed to a raw food diet. This change will help you reach your fitness goals fast— be it losing weight, becoming healthier, recovering from a specific lifestyle disease or acquiring better physique. However, it doesn’t end there. Your stay at Orion is basically just a jumpstart. Your success will depend on what happens after. This is why it is important to incorporate everything you have learned at the retreat in your everyday lifestyle. This way you’ll see long term results.

Comprehensive Programs

At Orion, you can can choose from many different programs to help you get the results you are looking for. There’s an inner beauty detox which is for those who want to improve their disposition and address skin issues. Here massages,spa treatments, and fresh juices are used to bring about an inner radiance and a much healthier skin. There’s also a fitness program, a yoga program, and a raw food detox.