The beauty of having a holiday in Koh Samui is that you can make it all about you. Fancy some adventures? Then try paintball, kayak, or flyboard. Cultural junkie? There are lots of historical sites and temples for you to stop by. Love Thai food? Hundreds of dining places are spread across the island. Health buff or perhaps wanting to start a healthier, better lifestyle than the one you have? You couldn’t pick a better place for a vacation. If wellness is the ultimate goal of your getaway, a stay in one of the island’s best wellness centers is highly recommended. Of course, a prominent name in this field is Orion Retreat Centre. This is best known for their detox and cleansing programs but not everyone know that they have so many programs available for all kinds of wellness goals. If an overhaul is what you have in mind, read on.

The Ultimate Wellness Package: The Alchemy Detox

This 11-day program is a must for those who want to look good and feel good. It is the ultimate detox and wellness package that combines a number of holistic treatments with colon cleansing. If you have a demanding job and you live a lifestyle of alcohol, junk food, mobile gadgets, cigarettes, and all those things that stress you out, you need this. Not only will you be able to cleanse your gut. You will also be able to refresh your mind and take the heavy load off your shoulders.

The Alchemy Detox is amazing because it targets all aspects of wellness. You may have known that most detox programs focus on raw diet particularly juicing. Well, that is only one facet of the Alchemy. This actually is like a sum of all the other programs, combining the best features of each into one package.

Cleanse and Detox

With this, your diet will experience a major change and you will instantly feel its effects especially if you have been feeding yourself mostly meat and fast food. You will be served different kinds of juices, each with its own set of benefits and role in your detox. Coconut water, yummy salads and fresh fruits will also comprise the bulk of your meals. Colonic cleansing, as well as optional liver and gallbladder cleanse will also be included in your routine.

Apart from the healthy food and digestive cleanse, physical activities will also become a huge part of your stay at the Orion Retreat Center. Part of the Alchemy Detox are morning walks, yoga, and aqua fit. Meditation will likewise be fitted in your schedule. You may think that since you will only be eating mostly fruits and vegetables that you may feel tired and unable to perform physical tasks. The opposite is true. Guests reported having more energy and enthusiasm to do fitness activities while on a raw diet. Since what you eat are packed with nutrients are often given in the form of juices, they are easily processed by the body so yes you will feel more alive and energized and ready to appreciate yoga and other fitness routines that are practised at the retreat.

Spa and Massages

Touch therapy in the form of reflexology and massages are something you can expect while at the retreat as well. You will be able to indulge in a relaxing Thai massage and soothe your senses with the aromatherapy oil treatment which uses a combination of essential oils to boost healing and calm the mind. A foot massage that targets the body’s pressure points will be given too. Last but not the least, an abdominal massage called chi nei tsang will be given by a professional therapist. This method combines Thai and Chinese healing concepts to help you de-stress and heal faster.

Holistic Healing Essentials

At Orion Samui you will also learn  about reiki which is a Japanese healing technique often used in alternative medicine. This balances one’s life force and corrects imbalances that causes depression, pain, and sluggishness. This discipline involves the use of the practitioner’s hands. After treatment, patients often feel a great sense of peace and calm. Pains are also diminished. Reiki is non invasive and everything you learned here at Orion can be incorporated in your day to day life to heal yourself and others too.

Chakra healing is another holistic healing method you will encounter while in Koh Samui. Chakras are our body’s energy centers and our wellness depend on their state. If one or more has blockage, it can manifest in the form of pain, illness, emotional issue, social issue, and mental issue. A healthy body has chakras working together in harmony. Your chakra healing session at Orion Retreat will help regain the balance of these energy centers. Colors, crystals, and sound frequencies, as well as certain aromas can cleanse or heal a specific chakra. You will learn more about them on your stay. Aside from chakra therapy, you will also be doing a theta healing session. This is a holistic method used to tap into the subconscious and help you recover from past hurts,failures, and other unpleasant memories or self talk that are bothering you.

A New and Better You

The Alchemy Package at Orion Retreat Samui truly is everything you need for a health and wellness transformation when you have too many things you want to work on and you have no idea where to start. The experts at this wellness facility will provide you a schedule that you will be happy with—-a routine that is all about you. Among the many benefits of this program are a healthier gut, glowing skin, more energy, and a brighter disposition. Guests also feel more alive and rejuvenated and ready to take on the world again. If you came to Koh Samui looking for a means to escape and dreaming of a new healthier you, book a stay at Orion and in 11 days, you will look and feel better than you can possibly imagine.